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ejpwtivde" , aiJ , ( ou\" ) beams projecting like ears on each side of a ships bows, whence the anchors were let down, cat-heads, Eur ., Thuc.


ejp-wfelevw , f. hvsw , to aid or succour one in a thing, tinav ti Soph ., etc. ; ejp. tina to aid or succour, Id.; also tini Id., Eur.

II. dw`ron, o} mhvpotÆ ejpwfevlhsa ejxelevsqai a gift, which would that I never had received, Id. Hence ejpwfevlhma


ejpwfevlhma , ato", tov , a help, store, bora`" Soph .; and ejpwfeliva


ejpwfeliva , hJ , help, succour, Anth.


ejp-wvca±to , Ep. 3 pl. plqpf. pass. of ejp-evcw, pa`sai ga;r »puvlai1/4 ejpwvcato all the gates were kept shut,


ejp-w/covmhn , impf. of ejp-oivcomai .

e[ra, [ERA

* [ERA, hJ , the Lat. terra , earth: —hence Adv. e[raze , to earth, to the ground, Hom .; Dor. e[rasde Theocr.


e[ra±mai , 2 sing. e[rasai , Ep. e[rassai : 2 pl. ejravasqe (like ajgavasqe ); 3 sing. subj. e[rhtai , Dor. e[ra<Eth>tai ; opt. ejraivmhn : impf. hjravmhn »a±1/4 : fut. ejrasqhvsomai : aor. I hjravsqhn ; also in med. form hjra±savmhn , Ep. 3 sing. hjravssato, ejravssato :— to love, to be in love with, c. gen. pers ., Hom. , Eur.

II. of things, to love passionately, long for, lust after, Il., Hdt. , Att.
2. c. inf. to desire eagerly, Theogn ., Soph. , etc.


ejra±nivzw , f. sw , ( e[rano" ) lay under contribution, tinav Dem.

2. c. acc. rei, to collect by contributions, to beg, borrow, Aeschin .: metaph. to combine, Anth .: —Med. to collect for oneself, borrow, Luc.

II. to assist by contribution, tiniv Dem.


ejrannov" , hv, ovn , ( ejravw ) lovely, of places, Hom. , Theocr.


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