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jEra±twv , ou`", hJ , Erato, the Lovely, one of the Muses, Hes.

2. one of the Oceanides, Id.

ejravw, jERA vW

jERA vW (A), used in Act. only in pres. and impf. (which in Poetry are e[ramai, hjravmhn ): impf. h[rwn :— Pass. , 2 sing. opt. ejrw`/o , inf. ejra`sqai , part. ejrwvmeno" :—but ejravomai also as Dep. , 3 sing. ejra`tai :— to love, to be in love with, c. gen. pers ., Xen. , etc. : c. acc. cogn. , ejra`n e[rwta Eur .: —absol ., ejrw`n a lover, opp. to hJ ejrwmevnh the beloved one, Hdt.

II. of things, to love or desire passionately, turannivdo" Archil.; mavch" Aesch .; and c. inf. to desire to do, Soph. , Eur.

ejravw, jERA vW

jER vAW (B), to pour out, vomit forth, Aesch.


ejrgavzomai , f. avsomai , Dor. ejrgaxou`mai : aor. I eijrgasavmhn : pf. ei[rgasmai , Ion. e[rg- :—these tenses are all depon.; but some tenses take a pass. sense, v. infr. III : ( e[rgon ):— to work, labour, properly of husbandry, Hes. , Thuc. , etc. ; but also of all manual labour, Od., Hdt. :—also of things, as Vulcans bellows, Il.

II. trans. to work at, make, build, Od., Att.
2. to do, perform, accomplish, Hom ., Att. :— c. dupl. acc. to do something to another, Hdt. , etc. ; kaka; ejrgavzesqaiv tina Soph ., Thuc.

3. to work a material, cruso;n eijrgavzeto Od.; ejrg. gh`n to work the land, Hdt.
4. to earn by working, crhvmata Id., Att.
5. to work at, practise, Lat. exercere , tevcnhn Plat.
6. absol. to work at a trade or business, to traffic, trade, Dem.
III. the pf. pass. ei[rgasmai is used in act. sense, as Hdt. , Soph. ; but also in pass. sense,
1. to be made or built, e[rgasto to; tei`co" Hdt .; ejk pevtra" eijrgasmevno" Aesch ., etc.
2. to be done, Id. —The fut. ejrgasqhvsomai always in pass. sense, Soph. , etc.


ejrga±qei`n , Ep. ejerga±qei`n , Att. eijrga±qei`n , poët. aor. 2 inf. of ei[rgw , to sever, cut off, Il.

II. to hold back, check, Soph ., Eur.


ejrga±lei`on , Ion. -hvi>on , tov , ( e[rgon ) a tool, instrument, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc.


ejrga±seivw , Desiderat. of ejrgavzomai , to be about to do, Soph.


ejrga±siva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( ejrgavzomai ) work, daily labour, business, Lat. labor , h. Hom. , Att. ; do;" ejrgasivan , c. inf ., Lat. da operam ut. . , N.T.

II. a working at, making, building, teicw`n Thuc .; iJmativwn, uJpodhmavtwn Plat ., etc.

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