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ejrevfw : f. ejrevyw : aor. I h[reya , Ep. e[reya :— to cover with a roof, e[reyan o[rofon made a roof, Il.: qavlamon ejr . Od.

2. to cover with a crown, to crown, Soph .: —Med. to crown oneself, Eur.


jErecqeuv" , evw" , Ep. h`o", oJ , an ancient hero of Attica, the Render (from ejrevcqw ): hence jErecqei`dai , oiJ , as a name of the Athenians, Trag.

ejrevcqw, jERE vCQW

jERE vCQW , to rend, break, Od.:— Pass. , of a ship, to be shattered by the winds, Il.


e[reyi" , ew", hJ , ( ejrevfw ) a roofing, roof, Plut.


ejrevw (A), Ep. Verb, = ejreeivnw, e[romai, ejrwtavw (not to be confounded with ejrevw (B):— to ask, enquire, ti about a thing, Hom.

2. c. acc. pers. to question, mavntin ejreivomen ( Ep. for ejrevwmen ) Il.; ajllhvlou" ejrevoimen Od.


ejrevw (B), Ion. for ejrw` , I will say: v. Att. ejrw` .


ejrhmavzw , ( ejrh`mo" ) to be left lonely, go alone, ejrhmavzeskon ( Ion. impf .) Theocr.


ejrhmai`o" , a, on , poët. for ejrh`mo" , desolate, solitary, Mosch .: c. gen. bereft of, Anth.


ejrhvmh ( sc. divkh ) , hJ , v. eJrh`mo" II .


ejrhmiva , hJ ,

I. of places, a solitude, desert, wilderness, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.
II. as a state or condition, solitude, loneliness, ejrhmivan a[gein, e[cein to keep alone, Eur. ; of persons, isolation, desolation, Soph .; diÆ ejrhmivan from being left alone, Thuc.

2. c. gen. want of, absence, Eur ., Thuc. , etc. ; th;n ejr. oJrw`n tw`n kwlusovntwn seeing that there would be none to hinder him, Dem. ; ejr. kakw`n freedom from evil, Eur.


ejrhmiav" , avdo", hJ , ( ejrh`mo" ) a solitary devotee, Theocr.


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