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[ER ØIFOS , oJ , a young goat, kid, Hom.

II. e[rifoi, oiJ , Lat. hoedi , a constellation (rising in Oct.) which brought storms, Theocr.


ejriv-cru<Eth>so" , on , rich in gold, Anth.


ejriwvlh , hJ , a hurricane, applied to Cleon by Ar. :— deriv. uncertain; for the deriv. in Ar. from e[rion ojlluvnai , wool-consumption, is a mere pun.


eJrkei`o" , on , or a, on , of or in the e{rko" or front court, Zeu;s \Erkei`o" , the household god, because his statue stood in the e{rko" , Od., Hdt. , etc.

2. puvlai, quvra e{rk . the gates, door of the court, Aesch .; eJrkeivo" stevgh the court itself, Soph.


eJrkivon , tov , ( e{rko" ) a fence, inclosure, Hom.


e{rko" , eo", tov , ( e[rgw, ei{rgw ) a fence, hedge, wall, Hom .; esp. round the court-yards of houses, Od.:—also the place enclosed, the court-yard, Hom .; Kivssinon e{rko" , i.e. Susa, Aesch. ; gaiva" e{rko" a fenced city, Eur. ; e{rko" iJrovn , i.e. the altar, Soph. ; e{rko" ojdovntwn the ring or wall which the teeth make round the gums, i.e. the teeth, Hom .; sfragi`do" e{rko" , i.e. a seal, Soph.

2. metaph. any fence, e{rko" ajkovntwn a defence against javelins, Il.; e{rko" belevwn Ib.:—of persons, e{rko" jAcaiw`n , of Ajax, e{rko" jAcaioi`sin polevmoio , of Achilles, Ib.

3. a net, toils, snare for birds, Od.; mostly in pl. , Ar. :— metaph. , th`" Divkh" ejn e{rkesin Aesch.


eJrk-ou`ro" , on , watching an enclosure, Anth.


eJrkthv , hJ , Ion. for eiJrkthv .


e{rma , ato", tov , a prop, support, used to keep ships upright when ashore, Il.: metaph. of men, e{rma povlho" prop or stay of the city, Lat. columen , Hom .; melainevwn e{rmÆ ojdunavwn , of a sharp arrow, the foundation, i.e. the cause, of pangs, Il.

II. a sunken rock, reef, on which a vessel may strike, Hdt. , Aesch. , etc.
III. a mound, cairn, barrow, Soph.
IV. that which keeps a ship steady, ballast, Plut. (Deriv. uncertain.)


e{rma , ato", tov , ( ei[rw A) in pl. e{rmata , earrings, Hom.


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