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ejrevesqai , impf. ejrevonto :— to ask, enquire, Od., Thuc.

2. c. acc. objecti, to learn by enquiry, Od.: to ask after or for, Il.
3. c. acc. pers. to enquire of, question, Ib., Hdt. ,
4. c. dupl. acc. to ask one about a thing, Od.


e[ro" , oJ , acc. e[ron , dat. e[rw/ , poët. form of e[rw" ( cf. gevlw" ), love, desire, Hom ., etc.

II. as nom. pr. Eros, the god of love, Hes.


e[ro" , tov , wool, only occurs in the Ion. for ei\ro" .


e[roti" , hJ , Aeol. for eJorthv , Eur.


eJrpetovn , tov , ( e{rpw ) a walking animal, quadruped, Od.; eJrpetav , opp. to peteinav , Hdt.

II. a creeping thing, reptile, Eur ., etc.


eJrphsthv" , ou`, oJ , = eJrpetovn , of a mouse, Anth.

2. Adj. creeping, Id.


eJrpuvzw , used by Hom. in pres. ( cf. e{rpw ):— to creep, crawl, of persons weighed down by age or distress.


e{rpullo" , oJ , and hJ , creeping thyme, Lat. serpyllum , Ar ., Theocr.


eJrpusthv" , ou`, oJ , ( eJrpuvzw ) a crawling child, Anth.

e{rpw, {ERPW

{ERPW , impf. ei|rpon : Dor. f. eJryw` : Att. f. aor. I ei{rpuØsa , inf. eJrpuvsai (supplied by eJrpuvzw ):— to creep, crawl, Lat. serpo, repo , and generally to move slowly, walk, Hom ., Trag. :—also simply, to go or come, Id.

II. variously, of a tear, to steal from the eye, Soph. ; of reports, to creep on, spread, like Lat. serpit rumor , Id.; oJ povlemo" eJrpevtw let it take its course, Ar .; of calamities, Soph.


ejrravghn »a±1/4 , aor. 2 pass. of rJhvgnumi .


ejrravda±tai, -ato , Ep. 3 pl. pf. and plqpf. pass. of rJaivnw .

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