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II. jEruqrh; qavlassa in Hdt. the Erythraean sea, including not only the Red Sea or Arabian Gulf, but also the Indian Ocean: —Later also of the Persian Gulf, Xen.


ejru<Eth>ka±navw , to restrain, withhold, Ep. part. fem. ejrukanovwsÆ Od.; impf. ejruvkane (from ejrukavnw ), Ib.


ejruvkw »u<Eth>1/4 , Ep. inf. ejru<Eth>kevmen :— f. ejruvxw : aor. I h[ruxa , Ep. e[ruxa : Ep. aor. 2 hjruvka±kon or ejruvka±kon , inf. ejru<Eth>ka±kevein : (akin to ejruvw ):— to keep in, hold back, keep in check, curb, restrain, Hom .: —c. gen ., mhv me e[ruke mavch" keep me not from fight, Il.:— c. inf. to hinder from doing, Eur. :— absol. to hinder, Il.

2. to detain a guest, Hom. :—but also, to detain by force, to withhold, confine, Id.
3. to ward off, Lat. arcere , a[konta, limovn Id.
4. to keep apart, separate, Il.
II. Pass. to be held back, detained, Od.:— to hold back, keep back, Ib.
2. to be kept away, Hdt.
3. ajnevdhn cw`ro" ejruvketai the place is remissly guarded, i.e. is open to all, Soph.


e[ruØma , ato", tov , ( ejruvomai ) a fence, guard, e[ruma croov" , of defensive armour, Il., Xen. ; to; e[r. tou` teivceo" the defence given by it, Hdt. : absol. a bulwark, breastwork, Thuc. 2. a safeguard, of the Areopagus, Aesch. ; pai`da" e[r. dwvmasi Eur.


ejrumnov-nwto" , on , with fenced back, of a crab, Anth.


ejrumnov" , hv, ovn , ( ejruvomai ) fenced, fortified, by art or nature, Eur. , Thuc. ; ta; ejrumnav strong positions, Xen.


ejrumnovth" , hto", hJ , strength or security of a place, Xen.


ejrusaivato , Ion. for -ainto , 3 pl. aor. I med. opt. of ejruvw .


ejruØ"-avrma±te" , acc. -a±ta" , ( ejruvw, a{rma ) no sing. in use, chariot-drawing, of horses, Il.


ejruØsivbh »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , ( ejruqrov" ) red blight, Lat. robiàgo , Plat.


ejruØsiv-qrix yhvktra , a comb for drawing through the hair, a small-tooth comb, Anth.


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