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2. to come or go back, return, Od.; in full, au\ti", a[y, pavlin ejlqei`n Ib.
3. c. acc. cogn ., oJdovn or kevleuqon ejlqei`n to go a journey, Hom. , Aesch. ; ajggelivhn ejlqei`n to go a message, Il.

4. c. gen. loci, pedivoio ejlqei`n over or across the plain, Ib.
5. c. part. fut ., to denote the object, e[rcomai oijsovmeno" I go to fetch, Ib.; marturhvswn h\lqon Aesch. , etc. :—like an auxiliary Verb, e[rcomai levxwn I am going to tell, I intend to say (as in French je vais dire), Hdt.

6. the aor. part. ejlqwvn is often added to another Verb, kavqhron ejlqwvn come and cleanse, Il., etc.
II. Post-Homeric phrases:
1. eij" lovgou" e[rcesqaiv tini to come to speech with, Hdt. , Soph.
2. eij" cei`ra" , so, ej" mavchn ejlqei`n tini to come to blows with one, Aesch. , Hdt.
3. ejpi; mei`zon e[rc . to increase, Soph. ; eij" pa`n ejlqei`n to try everything, Xen.
4. ej" to; deinovn, ej" ta; ajlgeina; ejlqei`n to come into danger, etc. , Thuc. , etc.
5. para; mikro;n ejlqei`n , c. inf. to come within a little of, be near a thing, Eur. ; para; tosou`ton h\lqe kinduvnou so narrow was her escape, Thuc.

6. with diav and gen. , periphr. for a Verb, dia; mavch" tini; e[rcesqai , for mavcesqaiv tini , Eur. , etc.


eJryw` , Dor. fut. of e{rpw .


e[rw/ , dat. of e[ro" .

ejrwj, jERWÆ

jERWÆ , Ion. and Ep. ejrevw , fut. of ei[rw (B); pf. ei[rhka , pass. ei[rhmai , Ion. 3 pl. eijrevatai : 3 pl. plqpf. ei[rhto :— Pass. , aor. I ejrrhvqhn , Ion. eijrevqhn : fut. eijrhvsomai , rarely rJhqhvsomai :—the place of the pres. ei[rw (rare even in Ep. and never in Att. ) is supplied by fhmiv, levgw or ajgoreuvw ; and ei\pon serves as the aor. :

I. I will say or speak, Att .: c. acc. pers. to speak of, kakw`" ejrei`n tina Theogn ., Eur. ; c. dupl. acc. , ejrei`n tinav ti Id., etc.

II. I will tell, proclaim, Il., etc. ; fovw" ejrevousa to announce the dawn, Ib.; ejpi; rJhqevnti dikaivw/ upon clear right, Od.

2. eijrhmevno" promised, misqov" Hes ., Hdt. ; eijrhmevnon , absol. , when it had been agreed, Thuc.
3. to tell, order one to do, c. dat. et inf. , Xen. ; c. acc. et inf. , Id.:—so in Pass. , ei[rhtov oiJ , c. inf ., orders had been given him to do, Hdt.

III. in Pass. to be mentioned, Id.


ejrwdiov" , oJ , the heron or hern, Lat. ardea , Il., Ar.


ejrwevw , f. hvsw : aor. I hjrwvhsa :— to rush, rush forth, Hom .; hjrwvhsan ojpivssw , of horses, they started back, Il.

2. c. gen. rei, to draw back or rest from, polevmoio, cavrmh" Ib.; nevfo" ou[potÆ ejrwei` the cloud never fails from (the rock), Od.:— c. acc. to leave, quit, Theocr.

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