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euj-epivba±to" , on , easy of attack, Luc.


euj-epibouvleuto" , on , ( ejpibouleuvw ) exposed to treachery or stratagem, Xen.


eujepivh , hJ , Ion. for eujevpeia , Anth.


euj-epivqeto" , on , easy to set upon or attack, Thuc .; eujepivqeton toi`" polemivoi" easy for them to make an attack, Xen.


euj-epivtakto" , on , easily put in order, docile, Anth.


eujevrgeia , Ion. -eivh , hJ , = eujergesiva I , Anth.


eujergesiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , well-doing, Od., Theogn. , etc.

II. good service, a good deed, kindness, bounty, benefit, Od., Hdt. ; euj. kataqevsqai e[" tina Thuc .; euj. ojfeivletaiv moi Id., etc.


eujergetevw : impf. eujergevtoun : f. -hvsw : aor. I eujergevthsa : pf. eujergevthka :— Pass. , aor. I part. eujergethqeiv" : pf. eujergevthmai : ( eujergevth" ):— to do well, do good, Soph.

II. c. acc. pers. to do good services or shew kindness to one, Aesch. , Eur. ; eujergesivan eujerg. tinav to do one a kindness, Plat. :— Pass. to have a kindness done one, eujergesivan eujergethqeiv" Id.


eujergevthma , ato", tov , a service done, kindness, Xen.


euj-ergevth" , ou, oJ, ( * e[rgw ) a well-doer, benefactor, Soph .; tiniv to one, Hdt. , Eur. ; more commonly, tinov" Id., etc.

2. a title of honour of such persons as had ‘done the state some service,’ euj. basilevo" ajnegravfh was registered as the Kings benefactor, Id.; so Xen. , etc.


eujergethtevon , verb. Adj. of eujergetevw , one must shew kindness to, tou;" fivlou" Xen.


eujergevti" , ido" , fem. of eujergevth" , Eur.

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