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roll up, pack close, Lat. conglobare , kata; teivcea lao;n ejevlsai to roll up the host and force it back to the walls, Il.; jAcaiou;" ejpi; pruvmnh/sin ejeivleon Ib.; eijlei`n ejn mevssoisi to coop up or hem in on all sides, Ib.; qh`ra" oJmou` eijlei`n to drive game together, Od.:— Pass. to be cooped or huddled up, eij" a[stu a[len (for a[lhsan ) Ib.; nhusi;n ejpi; glafurh`/sin ejelmevnoi Ib.:— metaph. , Dio;" boulh`/sin ejelmevno" straitened, held in check by the counsels of Zeus, Ib.

2. to smite, nh`a keraunw`/ Zeu;" e[lsa" having smitten the ship with lightning, Ib.
II. to collect: Pass ., ajle;n u{dwr water collected, ponded, Il.
III. Pass ., also, to draw oneself up, shrink up, ajlh`nai uJpÆ ajspivdi Ib.; jAcilh`a ajlei;" mevnen collecting himself he waited the attack of Achilles, Ib.

IV. Pass. also, to go to and fro, like Lat. versari , Hdt.
V. to wind, turn round: Pass. to turn round, revolve, ijllomevnwn ajrovtrwn moving to and fro, Soph. ; e{lix eijlei`tai is twined round, Theocr.


Ei{lw" , wto" , and EiJlwvth" , ou, oJ , a Helot, name of the Spartan serfs, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


EiJlwteiva , hJ , the condition of a Helot, Plat .; and EiJlwteuvw


EiJlwteuvw , f. sw , to be a Helot or serf, Isocr .; and EiJlwtikov"


EiJlwtikov" , hv, ovn , of Helots, Plut.


ei|ma , ato", tov , ( e{nnumi ) a garment, in pl. clothes, clothing, Hom ., etc.

II. a cover, rug, carpet, Aesch ., Soph.


ei|mai , pf. pass. of e{nnumi . II. pf. pass. of i{hmi .
III. pf. pass. of e{zw , rarer form of h|mai .


ei{martai, ei{marto , 3 sing. pf. and plqpf. of meivromai :— eiJmarmevno" , part.


eijmevn , Ep. and Ion. for ejsmevn , 1 pl. of eijmiv (sum).

II. ei\men, ei[menai , Dor. inf. of same.


eiJmevno" , pf. pass. part. of e{nnumi .


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