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2. of soldiers, orderly, well-disciplined, Id., Thuc. , etc.
II. Adv. -tw" , in order, Aesch ., Ar. : Comp. -ovteron Dem ., -tevrw" Xen. Hence eujtaxiva


eujtaxiva , hJ , good arrangement, good condition, Xen.

2. good order, discipline, Thuc.


eu[-tarso" , on , delicate-footed, Anth.


eu\te , relat. Adv. :

I. of Time, poët. for o{te , when, at the time when:
2. with Opt. , whenever, referring to instances in past time, Hes. , Aesch.
3. with Subj., eu\tÆ a[n , like o{tan , whenever, so often as, Od.
II. Causal, since, seeing that, Soph.
III. as Adv. of Comparison, for hju?te , as, even as, twice in Hom.


euj-teivceo" , on , ( tei`co" ) well-walled, Il.


eujteichv" , ev" , = foreg., Pind. , Eur. ; but in Il. the acc. is eujteivcea , not eujteiceva .


euj-teivchto" , on , = eujteivceo" , h. Hom.


eujtekniva , hJ , the blessing of children, a breed of goodly children, Eur.


eu[-tekno" , on , ( tevknon ) blest with children, Eur ., etc. ; eu[t. crhsmov" an oracle that gives promise of fair children, Id.; eu[t. xunwriv" a pair of fair children, Id.:— Sup. -wvtato" Id.


eujtevleia , Ion. -ivh , hJ , cheapness, Hdt .; eij" eujtevleian cheaply, i.e. vilely, Ar.

II. thrift, economy, ejpÆ eujteleiva/ economically, Id.; metÆ eujteleiva" Thuc .; eij" eujt. suntevmnein to cut down to an economical standard, Id. From eujtelhv"


euj-telhv" , ev" , ( tevlo" ) easily paid for, cheap, Hdt ., Plat. , etc. ; eujtelevstera de; ta; deinav the danger would be more cheaply met, Thuc. :— Adv. -lw`" , at a cheap rate, Xen.

2. mean, paltry, worthless, Aesch .; eujtelestevra a[skhsi" paltry, requiring no exertion, Xen.
II. thrifty, frugal, Id.

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