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eu[-udro" , on , ( u{dwr ) well-watered, abounding in water, pind., Hdt.

2. of a river, with beautiful water, Eur.


eu[-umno" , on , celebrated in hymns, h. Hom.


euj-upevrblhto" , on , ( uJperbavllw ) easily overcome, Arist.


euj-uØfhv" , ev" , ( uJfhv ) well-woven, Anth.


eujfa<Eth>mevw, eu[fa<Eth>mo" , Dor. for eujfhm- .


euj-fa±revtrh" , ou, oJ , Dor. -a" , a , ( farevtra ) with beautiful quiver, Soph.


euj-fegghv" , ev" , ( fevggo" ) bright, brilliant, Aesch.


eujfhmevw , Dor. eujfa<Eth>mevw , f. hvsw , ( eu[fhmo" ) to use words of good omen, opp. to dusfhmevw :

I. to avoid all unlucky words, Horaces male ominatis parcere verbis : hence, to keep a religious silence, Il., Hdt. , etc. ; Imper., eujfhvmei, eujfhmei`te hush! be still! Lat. favete linguis , Ar ., Plat.

II. to shout in praise or honour of any one, or in triumph, Aesch ., Ar.
2. c. acc. to honour by praise, speak well of, Xen.
III. to sound triumphantly, Aesch.


eujfhmiva , hJ , the use of words of good omen, opp. to dusfhmiva :

I. abstinence from inauspicious language, religious silence, Trag .; eujfhmivan i[sce = eujfhvmei , Soph. ; eujfhmivaÆstw , a proclamation of silence before a prayer, Ar.

II. in positive sense, auspiciousness, fairness, Aeschin .: —esp. a fair name for a bad thing, euphemism,

III. prayer and praise, worship, honour, Eur .; in pl. songs of praise, lauds, Pind.


eu[-fhmo" , Dor. eu[-fa<Eth>mo" , on , ( fhvmh ) uttering sounds of good omen, or abstaining from inauspicious words, i.e. religiously silent, opp. to duvsfhmo" , Aesch. , etc. ; eujfhvmou stovma frontivdo" iJevnte" uttering words of religious thought, i.e. keeping a holy silence, Soph. ; so, uJpÆ eujfhvmou boh`" , i.e. in silence, Id.; eu[fhma fwvnei , like eujfhvmei , Id.

II. in positive sense, auspicious, Aesch ., Eur. , etc. :—so Adv. -mw" , with or in words of good omen, h. Hom. , Aesch.


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