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ejf-evdra , Ion. ejp-evdrh , hJ , a sitting by or before a place: a siege, blockade, Lat. obsessio , Hdt.


ejfedreiva , hJ , a sitting upon.

II. a sitting by, waiting for ones turn, of pugilists, Plat. : a lying in wait, Plut. From ejfedreuvw


ejfedreuvw , f. sw , ( e[fedro" ) to sit upon, rest upon, Eur.

II. to lie by or near, lie in wait, of an enemy waiting to attack, Thuc. ; ejf. tiniv to keep watch over, Eur. : generally, to watch for, Dem.

III. to halt, Plut.


ejfedrhvssw , poët. for foreg., to sit by, tiniv Anth.


e[f-edro" , on , ( e{dra ) sitting or seated upon, c. gen ., leovntwn e[fedre , of Cybelé, Soph. ; e[f. i{ppou Eur.

II. sitting by, at, or near, tw`n phdalivwn , of a pilot, Plat. ; also c. dat ., Eur. : absol. close at hand, Soph.

2. posted in support or reserve, Eur.
3. lying by, of a third combatant (pugilist or wrestler), who sits by to fight the conqueror, Pind ., Ar. , Xen. :— movno" w]n e[fedro" dissoi`" , i.e. one against two, with no one to take his place if beaten, Aesch.

4. a successor, Hdt.


ejf-evzomai , Dep. , chiefly used in part. and 3 sing. impf .; inf. ejfevzesqai :— to sit upon, c. dat ., Hom. , Ar. ;—also c. gen ., Pind. ; and c. acc ., Aesch. , Eur.

2. to sit by or near, Od., Aesch.


ejfevhka , Ep. for ejfh`ka , aor. I of ejfivhmi .


ejfeivhn , aor. 2 opt. of ejfivhmi :— ejfeivw , Ep. subj.


ejfei`nai , aor. 2 inf. of ejfivhmi .


ejfeiv" , aor. 2 part. of ejfivhmi .


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