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ejf-evstio" , Ion. ejp-ivstio" , on , ( eJstiva ) at ones own fireside, at home, Od.; ejfevstioi o{ssoi e[asin as many as have a home of their own, Il.; ejfevstion ph`xai skh`ptron (i.e. ejpi; th`/ eJstiva/ ) Soph. :—of suppliants who claim protection by sitting by the fireside, Hdt .; dovmwn ejf . an inmate of the temple, Aesch. ; also merely of guests, Soph.

II. generally, of or in the house or family, Lat. domesticus , povnoi dovmwn ejfevstioi Aesch .; ejf. dovmoi the chambers of the house, Id.:— Ion. ejpivstion, tov , a household, family, Hdt .:— qeoi; ejf . the household gods, Lat. Lares or Penates, Zeu;" ejpivstio", ejfevstio" , as presiding over hospitality, Id., Soph.


ejfestrivdion , tov , Dim. of sq. , Luc.


ejfestriv" , ivdo", hJ , ( ejfevnnumi ) an upper garment, wrapper, Xen ., Plut.


ejfevth" , ou, oJ , ( ejfivhmi ) a commander, Aesch.

II. ejfevtai, oiJ , at Athens, the Ephetae, a court of Eupatridae, created by Draco to try cases of homicide, Plut.


ejfetmhv , hJ , ( ejfivhmi ) a command, behest, Hom ., etc.


ejfeurethv" , ou`, oJ , an inventor, contriver, N.T. From ejfeurivskw


ejf-eurivskw , Ion. ejp- : f. ejfeurhvsw : aor. 2 ejfhu`ron or ejfeu`- :— to light upon, discover, Od.; with a partic. to find one doing so and so, Hom. , Soph. :—so in Pass. , mh; ejpeureqh`/ prhvsswn Hdt.

II. to invent or bring in besides, generally to invent, Pind ., Eur.


ejf-eyiØavomai , Dep. to mock or scoff at, tini , Lat. illudere , Ep. 3 pl. ejfeyiovwntai Od.


ejfewvrwn , impf. of ejforavw .


ejf-hbavw , Ion. ejp- , f. hvsw , to come to mans estate, grow up to manhood, Hdt ., Aesch. , Xen.


ejfhbeiva , hJ , ( ejfhbeuvw ) puberty, mans estate, Anth.

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