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e[fqiØqen , Ep. for -hsan , 3 pl. aor. I pass. of fqivw, fqivnw :— e[fqiØta , 3 sing. pf. pass .:— e[fqiØso, -ito , 2 and 3 sing. plqpf. pass .:— ejfqivato , Ion. for e[fqinto , 3 pl. plqpf.


eJfqov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of e{yw , boiled, dressed, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.

2. eJfqo;" crusov" refined gold, Simon.


ejfivdrwsi" , ew", hJ , ( iJdrovw ) superficial perspiration, Plut.


ejf-izavnw , only in pres. and impf. to sit at or in a place, c. dat ., Il.; u{pno" ejpi; blefavroisin ejfivzanen sleep sate upon, Ib.


ejf-ivzw , Dor. -ivsdw :

I. Causal, in Ep. aor. I , to set upon, ejfevssai to set me ashore, Od.:— Med. , gouvnasin oi|sin ejfessavmeno" having set [me] on his knees, Ib.; imperat. , e[fessaiv me nhov" set me on board the ship, Ib.

II. intr. in pres. and impf. ejfi`zon , Ion. ejfivzeskon , to sit at or by, Ib., Pind. , etc.


ejf-ivhmi , Ion. ejp- , f. ejfhvsw , aor. I ind. ejfh`ka , Ep. ejfevhka , aor. 2 imperat. e[fe" , subj. ejfeivw, h/" , Att. , ejfh`/" , part. ejfeiv" :— Med. , part. ejfievmeno" , f. ejfhvsomai :—3 sing. impf. ejfivei , as if from ejfievw :— to send to one, Il.

2. c. inf. to set on or incite to do, ejfevhke ajei`sai Od.; ejf. tina; caleph`nai , etc. , Il.
3. of things, to throw or launch at one, o{" toi ejfh`ke bevlo" Ib., etc. ; ejf. oijsto;n ejpiv tini Eur .; ejf. cei`rav" tini to lay hands on him, Od.

4. of events, destinies, etc. , to send upon one, toi`sin povtmon ejfh`ken Il., etc.
5. to send against, in hostile sense, Hdt. , etc. :— ejf. to;n potamo;n ejpi; th;n cwvrhn Id.; ejfh`ka" glw`ssan didst let loose, Eur.

6. to throw into, ej" levbhtÆ ejfh`ken mevlh Id.
II. to let go, loosen, esp. the rein, Plat. :—hence to give up, yield, Lat. concedere , tini; th;n hJgemonivan Thuc .: —c. inf. to permit, allow, tini; poiei`n ti Hdt ., Soph. , etc.

2. to give up, leave as a prey, Soph .:—then, seemingly, intr. ( sub. eJautovn ), to give oneself up to, oujriva/ a fair wind, Plat.

III. to put the male to the female, Hdt.
IV. as law-term, to leave to another to decide, divka" ejf. ei[" tina Dem .:—and absol. to appeal, eij" tou;" dikastav" Id.

B. Med. to lay ones command or behest upon, Hom ., Aesch. , etc. :— c. inf ., ejf. tini; poiei`n ti Soph. , Ar. ; ej" Lakedaivmona to send orders to L., Thuc.

2. to allow or permit one to do, Soph. , etc.
II. c. gen. to aim at, Arist .:— to long after, desire, Soph ., Eur. , etc. ; c. inf. to desire to do, Eur.

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