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ejf-ivppio" , on , ( i{ppo" ) for putting on a horse, Xen .:— ejfivppion ( sc. strw`ma ) tov , a saddle-cloth, Id.


e[f-ippo" , on , on horseback, riding: ajndria;" e[f . an equestrian statue, Plut.

II. kluvdwn e[fippo" a rushing wave of horses, Soph.


ejf-ivptamai , late pres. of ejpipevtomai , Mosch.


ejfivsdw , Dor. for ejfivzw .


ejf-ivsthmi , Ion. ejp- :

A. Causal in pres. , impf. , fut. , and aor. :
I. to set or place upon, tiv tini Thuc .; ti ejpiv tini Xen .: metaph. , ejf. moi`ran bivw/ Plat.
II. to set over, Lat. praeficere , ejf. tina; u{parcovn tisi Hdt ., etc.
III. to set up, establish, institute games, Id.
IV. to set by or near to, iJppeva" ejpisthvsante" kuvklw/ to; sh`ma ( = peri; to; " .) Id.
V. to stop, make halt, Lat. inhibere , Xen .: —absol ., ejpisthvsa" ( sc. eJautovn, to;n i{ppon ) having halted, Id.

VI. ejfivsthmi th;n gnwvmhn katav ti to fix ones mind upon it, attend to it, and then absol. to give attention, Arist.

2. c. acc. pers. to arrest the attention of, Plut.
B. intr. in Med. and Pass. , ejfivstamai , aor. I ejpestavqhn , with pf. , plqpf. and aor. 2 act. :— to stand upon, puvrgw/, divfrw/, ejpi; bhlw`/ Il.

2. to be imposed upon, tini Soph.
3. to stand on the top or surface, to; ejpistavmenon tou` gavlakto" , i.e. cream, Hdt.
II. to be set over, Lat. praeesse , c. dat ., Aesch. , etc. ; also c. gen ., Hdt. , Eur. :— absol. to be in authority, Hdt. , etc.

III. to stand by or near, ajllhvloisi Il., etc. : of dreams or visions, to appear to, eu{donti ejpevsth o[neiro" Hdt.

2. in hostile sense, to stand against, oppose, Hom .: to come upon by surprise, Thuc.
3. of events, to impend, be at hand, Lat. instare , Kh`re" ejfesta`sin qanavtoio Il.; privn moi tuvch ejpevsth Soph.

IV. to halt, stop, as in a march, Xen. :— c. gen ., ejp. tou` plou` Thuc.
V. to fix ones mind on, give ones attention to, tini Eur ., Dem.
C. the aor. I med. is used in causal sense, to set up, ta;" quvra" Xen .: to set, post, frourouv" Id.


e[fla±don , aor. 2 of flavzw .


ejfovbhqen , Ep. 3 pl. aor. I pass. of fobevw .

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