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II. requiring to be drawn on, a laggard, Ar.


ejf-omartevw , f. hvsw , to follow close after, Il.


ejf-oplivzw , f. sw : Ep. aor. I inf. ejfoplivssai :— to equip, get ready, prepare, Hom .; so in Med. , dovrpa tÆ ejfoplisovmesqa we will get ready our suppers, Il. 2. to arm against, tinav tini , so in Med. , Anth.


ejfora<Eth>tikov" , hv, ovn , fit for overlooking, e[rgwn Xen. From ejforavw


ejf-oravw , Ion. 3 sing. ejpora`/ ; 3 pl. ejporevwsi , inf. ejpora`n :— impf. ejfewvrwn , Ion. 3 sing. ejpwvra :— f. ejpovyomai , Ep. also ejpiovyomai ; the aor. is ejpei`don ( q.v. ):— to oversee, observe, survey, of the sun, Hom. :—then of the gods, to watch over, observe, take notice of, Od., Hdt. , etc. ; of a general going his rounds, Thuc. ; to visit the sick, Xen.

2. simply, to look upon, view, behold, Od., etc. :— Pass. , o{son ejfewra`to th`" nhvsou as much of it as was in view, Thuc.

II. to look out, choose, ejpiovyomai h{ti" ajrivsth Od., etc.


ejforeiva , hJ , ( ejforeuvw ) the ephoralty, Xen.


ejforei`on , tov , ( e[foro" ) the court of the ephors, Xen.


ejforeuvw , = ejforavw , c. acc ., Aesch. ; c. gen ., Id.

II. ( e[foro" ) to be ephor, Thuc ., Xen.


ejforikov" , hv, ovn , ( e[foro" ) of or for the ephori, Xen.


ejf-ovrio" , a, on , ( o{ro" ) on the border or frontier, ap. Dem.


ejf-ormaivnw , to rush on, Aesch.


ejf-ormavw , Ion. ejp- , f. hvsw , to stir up, rouse against one, Hom. ; ejpormh`sai tou;" luvkou" to set them on, Hdt .; nauvta" ejformhvsanta to; plei`n having urged them on to sail, Soph.

II. intr. to rush upon, attack, tiniv Eur.

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