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jEC `INOS , oJ , the urchin, hedgehog, Ar ., etc.

2. the sea-urchin, Plat.
II. the shell of the sea-urchin, often used as a cup: then like Lat. testa , a pot, jug, pitcher, Lat. echinus , Ar. , etc. :— the vase in which the notes of evidence were deposited, Dem.

III. in pl. sharp points at each end of a bit, Xen.

e[ci", [ECI S

[EC ØIS , ew", oJ , gen. pl. ejcevwn , an adder, viper, Plat .; metaph. , sukofavnth" kai; e[ci" th;n fuvsin Dem.


e[cma , ato", tov , ( e[cw ) that which holds; and so,

I. a hindrance, obstacle, Il.
2. c. gen. a bulwark, defence against a thing, c. gen ., h. Hom.
II. a hold-fast, stay, e[cmata pevtrh" bands of rock, Il; e[cmata puvrgwn stays of the towers, Ib.; e[cmata nhw`n props for the ships, to keep them upright, Ib.


ejcuØrov" , av, ovn , ( e[cw ) strong, secure, of Places, Thuc. , etc. ; ejn ejcurw`/ ei\nai to be in safety, Id.; ejnejcurwtavtw/ poiei`sqaiv ti Xen.

2. of reasons, etc. , trustworthy, Thuc.
II. Adv. -rw`" , Id.; Comp. -wvteron , Id.

e[cw, [ECW

[ECW , impf. ei\con , Ep. e[con , Ion. e[ceskon : fut. e{xw or schvsw : aor. 2 e[scon ; imperat. scev" ; inf. scei`n : (for the poët. form e[sceqon v. * scevqw ): pf. e[schka ; Ep. o[cwka :— Med. , fut. e{xomai or schvsomai : aor. 2 ejscovmhn , Ep. 3 sing. scevto ; imper. scou`, scevsqon scevsqe ; inf. scevsqai :— Pass. , aor. I ejscevqhn :—the aor. 2 med. is also used in pass. sense.

A. Trans., in two senses, to have or to hold:
I. to have, possess, Hom ., etc. ; oJ e[cwn a wealthy man, Soph .; oiJ oujk e[conte" the poor, Eur .: —c. gen. partit. , mantikh`" e[c. tevcnh" Soph .: —Pass. to be possessed by, belong to, tini Il.

2. to have charge of, keep, puvla" Ib.; fulaka;" e[con kept watch, Ib., etc.
3. c. acc. loci, to dwell in, inhabit, haunt, Hom ., etc.
4. to have to wife, Id., etc.
5. to have in ones house, to entertain, Od.
6. the pres. part. is joined with a Verb, e[cwn ajtivtalle kept and made much of, i.e. kept with special care, Il.; o}" a]n h{kh/ e[cwn stratovn whoever may have come with an army, Hdt.

7. of Habits or Conditions, gh`ra" e[c ., periphr. for ghravskein , Od.
8. like Lat. teneo , to know, understand, Il., Aesch. ; e[cei" ti ; tenes? d’ ye understand? Ar.
9. to involve, imply, give cause for, ajganavkthsin Thuc.
10. e[cein staqmovn to weigh so much, Hdt.
II. to hold, Hom ., etc. ; e[c. ejn cersivn Hdt .; meta; cersivn Il.; dia; ceirov" Soph ., etc.
2. to hold fast, e[cein tina; ceirov", podov" to hold him by the hand, by the foot, Il.; e[cein tina; mevson to grip one by the middle, of wrestlers, Ar.

3. of a woman, to be pregnant, Lat. utero gestare , Hdt .; ejn gastri; e[cein Id.

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