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Aesch. ; and more emphatic, oujde; ei|", mhde; ei|" , v. oujdeiv" , mhdeiv" .

5 ei|" e{kasto" each one, each by himself, Lat. unusquisque , Hdt ., Plat.
6. often with katav, kaqÆ e}n e{kaston eaxh singly, piece by piece, Hdt. , etc. ; so, kaqÆ e{na, kaqÆ e{n one by one, Plat.

7. with other Preps., e}n ajnqÆ eJnov" above all. Id.:— e}n pro;" e{n , in comparisons, Hdt. , Plat. ; ei|" pro;" e{na Dem .:— parÆ e{na alternately, Luc.

II. one, i.e. the same, ei|" kai; o{moio" Plat .: c. dat. one with. . , Eur.
III. one, as opp. to another; so, oJ me;n. . , ei|" de;. . , ei|" dÆ au\ . . , Od.; ei|" mevn. . , e{tero" dev . . , Xen.

IV. indefinitely, ei|" ti" , some one, Lat. unus aliquis , Soph ., Plat. ;—then alone, like our indef. Art. a, an, (as faber unus Horat.), Eur.

V. oujde; ei|" oujde; duvo not one or two only, Dem.


ei\" , 2 sing. of eijmiv (sum).

II. of ei\mi (ibo).


ei|sa , aor. I of i{zw , to place.


eijsaggeleuv" , evw", oJ , one who announces, a gentleman-usher at the Persian court, Hdt. ; and eijsaggeliva


eijsaggeliva , hJ , at Athens, an impeachment, Brought before the Senate of 500, or (sometimes) the ejkklhsiva , Xen. From eijsaggevllw


eij"-aggevllw , f. elw` , to go in and announce a person ( cf. eijsaggeleuv" ), Hdt. , Eur. , etc.

2. to announce, report a thing, Thuc. :— Pass. , ejsaggelqevntwn o{ti . . information having been given that. . , Id.

II. to impeach, Dem ., etc. ; cf. eijsaggeliva . Hence eijsaggeltikov"


eijsaggeltikov" , hv, ovn , of or for impeachment, ap. Dem.


eij"-a±geivrw , f. erw` , to collect into a place, Hom. :— Med. , nevon dÆ ejsageivrato qumovn he gathered fresh courage, Il.: but also in pass. sense, qow`" dÆ ejsageivrato lao;" »eij" ta;" nau`"1/4 Od.


eij"-avgw »a±1/4 , f. xw : pf. -aghvoca :— to lead in or into, to introduce, c. dupl. acc. , aujtou;" eijsh`gon dovmon Od.; also, eijsavgein tina; ej" . . , Hdt. ; or c. dat ., tina; dovmoi" Eur .: —Med. to admit forces into a city, Thuc. : also to introduce into a league, Hdt.

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