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2. of rivers, to empty themselves into, fall into, Hdt.


ei[sba±si" , ew", hJ , ( eijsbaivnw ) an entrance, means of entrance, Eur .: embarkation, Thuc.


eijsba±tov" , hv, ovn , ( eijsbaivnw ) accessible, Thuc.


eij"-biavzomai , Dep. to force ones way into, eij" oi\kon Plut.

2. to force oneself into the citizen ship, Ar.


eij"-biØbavzw , Att. f. -bibw` , Causal of eijsbaivnw , to put on board ship, to;n strato;n ej" ta;" neva" Hdt.

2. generally, to make to go into, ej" tovpon Id.


eijsblevpw , f. yw , to look at, look upon, mostly with eij" , Hdt. ; but c. acc ., Eur.


eijsbolhv , hJ , ( eijsbavllw II ) an inroad, invasion, attack, Hdt ., Eur.

2. an entrance, pass, hJ ejsb. hJjOlumpikhv the pass of Mount Olympus, Hdt. : a strait, Eur .:—so in pl. , of Thermopylae, Hdt. :—in pl. also, the mouth of a river, Id.

3. an entering into a thing, a beginning, Eur ., Ar.


eij"-gravfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to write in, inscribe: Med. , ej" ta;" sponda;" eijsgravyasqai to have oneself written or received into the league, Thuc.


eij"-devrkomai , Dep. , with aor. 2 act. -evdra±kon , pf. eijsdevdroka :— to look at or upon, Hom ., Eur.


eij"-devcomai , Ion. ej"-devkomai : f. -devxomai : Dep. :— to take into, admit, ej" to; iJrovn Hdt .; c. acc ., Eur. ; c. dat ., a[ntroi" eijsdevxasqaiv tina to receive him in the cave, Id.; eijsd. tina uJpovstegon Soph.


eij"-divdwmi , used intr. like eijsbavllw II . 2, of rivers, to flow into, Hdt.


eijsdochv , hJ , ( eijsdevcomai ) reception, eijsdocai; dovmwn a hospitable house, Eur.


eijsdra±mei`n , aor. 2 inf. of eijstrevcw . Hence eijsdromhv

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