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eij"-revw , f. -reuvsomai : aor. 2 pass. (in same sense) -erruvhn :— to stream in or into, Eur ., Plat.


eij"-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw , to put into, place in, tina or ti eij" cei`rav" tini Hdt ., Thuc. ; tina; ej" a{maxan Hdt.

2. ejst. ej" nau`n to put on board ship, Lat. navi imponere , Id.; tevkna ejsqevsqai ( aor. 2 inf. ) to put their children on board, Id.


eij"-toxeuvw , f. sw , to shoot arrows at, Hdt.


eij"-trevcw , f. -dra±mou`mai : aor. 2 -evdra±mon :— to run in, Thuc .; c. acc. to run into, Theocr.


eij"-fevrw , f. -oivsw ; aor. I -hvnegka ; pf. -enhvnoca : plqpf. -enhnovcein :— to carry into or to, Od., Hdt.

2. to bring in, contribute, Plat ., Xen. , etc. :—at Athens, to pay the property-tax ( v. eijsforav II ), Thuc.
3. to bring (suffering) in or upon, pevnqo" eijsf. dovmoi" Eur ., etc.
4. to introduce, bring forward, propose, Hdt .; gnwvmhn ejsf. ej" to;n dh`mon Thuc .; eijsf. novmon , Lat. legemrogare , Dem .: —absol ., like Lat. referre ad senatum , Thuc.

II. Med. with pf. pass. eijsenhvnegmai , to carry with one, sweep along, Il.
2. to bring in for oneself, to import, Hdt ., Thuc.
3. to bring in with one, introduce, Hdt ., Eur.
III. Pass. to be brought in, introduced, Hdt.
2. to rush in, Thuc.


eij"-foitavw , f. hvsw , to go often to or into, Eur ., Ar.


eijsforav , hJ , ( eijsfevrw ) a gathering in, Xen.

II. at Athens, a property-tax levied to supply a deficit in the revenue, to meet the exigencies of war, Thuc. , etc.


eij"-forevw , = eijsfevrw , Od., Thuc.


eij"-frevw , impf. -evfroun : f. -frhvsw and -frhvsomai : impf. med. eij"-efrouvmhn :— to let in, admit, Lat. admittere , Ar ., Dem. :— Med. to bring in with one, Eur. (The Root frevw , prob. akin to fevrw , is only found in compos. with dia-, eij"-, ejpei"-, ejk- .)


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