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eijwqovtw" , Adv. of ei[wqa , in customary wise, as usual, Soph ., Plat.


eijw`si , Ep. for ejw`si , 3 pl. of ejavw .


ei{w" , Ep. for e{w" .

ejk, jEK

jEK , before a vowel jEX , and jEG before b g dl m :— Prep. governing G EN. only, Lat. e, ex : —Radical sense, from out of, opp. to eij" :

1. of Motion, out of, forth from, Hom ., etc. : ejk qumou` fivleon I loved her from my heart, with all my heart, Il.

2. to denote change from one place or condition to another, kako;n ejk kakou` one evil from (or after) another, Ib.; lovgon ejk lovgou levgein Dem.

3. to express distinction from a number, ejk povlewn pivsure" four out of many, Il.
4. of Position, like e[xw , outside of, beyond, ejk belevwn out of shot, Ib.; ejk kapnou` out of the smoke, Od.

5. with Verbs of Rest, ejk potamou` crova nivzeto washed his body with water from the river, Ib.:—with Verbs signifying to hang or fasten, ejk passalovfi krevmasen fovrmigga he hung his lyre from
(i.e. on) the peg, Ib.; ejk tou` bracivono" ejpevlkousa leading it [by a rein] upon her arm, Hdt. :—also, sitting or standing, sta`sÆ ejx Oujluvmpoio from Olympus where she stood, Il.; kaqh`sqai ejk pavgwn to sit on the heights and look from them, Soph.

II. OF T IME , ejx ou| or ejx ou|te »crovnou1/4 , Lat. ex quo , since, Hom ., Att. ; ejk tou` or ejk toi`o from that time, Il.; ejk pollou` ( sc. crovnou ) for a long time, Thuc.

2. of particular points of time, ejk nevou or ejk paidov" from boyhood; ejx ajrch`" , etc. ; so, ejk qusiva" genevsqai to have just finished sacrifice, Hdt. ; ejk tou` ajrivstou after breakfast, Xen.

3. when we say in or by, ejk nuktw`n Od.; ejk nuktov" Xen ., etc.
1. of the Material, out of or of which things are made, poiei`sqai ejk xuvlwn ta; ploi`a Hdt.
2. of the Father, e[k tino" ei\nai, genevsqai, fu`nai , etc. , Il.; ajgaqoi; kai; ejx ajgaqkwn Plat.
3. of the Author or Occasion of a thing, o[nar ejk Diov" ejstin Il.; qavnato" ejk mnhsthvrwn death by the hand of the suitors, Od.; ta; ejx \Ellhvnwn teivcea walls built by them, Hdt.

4. with the agent after Pass. Verbs, where uJpov is more common, ejfivlhqen ejk Diov" they were belove of

(i.e. by) Zeus, Il.

5. of the Cause, Instrument or Means by which a thing is done, ejk patevrwn filovthto" in consequence of our fathers friendship, Od.; so, ejk tivno" ; ejk tou` ; wherefore? Eur .; poiei`te uJmi`n fivlou" ejk tou` Mamwna` th`" ajdikiva" make yourselves friends of (i.e. by means of), N.T.

6. from, i.e. according to, ejk tw`n logivwn according to the oracles, Hdt. ; ejk novmwn Aesch.
7. periphr. for an Adv. , (as in Lat. ex consulto, ex composito ), ejk biva" by force, = biaivw" , Soph. ; ejk tou` fanerou` = fanerw`" , Thuc. , etc.

8. with numerals, ejk trivtou in the third place, Eur.

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