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ejk-bohqevw , f. hvsw , to march out to aid, Hdt .: to make a sally, Thuc.


ejk-bolbivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( bolbov" ) to peel, as one does an onion of its outer coats, Ar.


ejkbolhv , hJ , ( ejkbavllw ) a throwing out, yhvfwn ejkb . turning the votes out of the urn, Aesch.

2. a throwing the cargo overboard, Id.
II. ejectment, banishment, Id., Plat.
III. a letting fall, dakruvwn Eur.
IV. a bringing forth: ejkb. sivtou the time when the corn comes into ear, Thuc.
V. (from intr. signf. of ejkbavllw ) a going out, outlet, Lat. exitus , ejkb. potamou` the discharge of a river from between mountains, Hdt. : a mountain-pass, Id.: the mouth of a river, Thuc.

2. ejkb. lovgou a digression, Id.
VI. (from Pass. ), that which is cast out, ejkb. dikevllh" earth cast or scraped up by a hoe or mattock, Soph. ; oujreiva ejkbolhv children exposed on the mountains, Eur.

2. a cargo cast overboard, ejkbolai; newv" wrecked seamen, Id.


e[kbolo" , on , ( ejkbavllw ) cast out of a place, c. gen ., Eur. :—as Subst. , e[kbolon, tov , an outcast, Id.:—but, nao;" e[kbola rags cast out from the ship, Id.


ejk-bravzw or -bravssw , f. -bravsw , to throw out foam, of the sea:— Pass. , of ships, to be cast ashore, Hdt.


ejk-brontavw , f. hvsw , to strike out by lightning, ejxebronthvqh sqevno" he had strength struck out of him by lightning, Aesch.


ejk-bru<Eth>cavomai , Dep. to bellow forth or aloud, Eur.


e[kbrwma , ato", tov , ( ejkbibrwvskw ) anything eaten out, privono" e[kb . saw- dust, Soph.


ejk-ga±mivzw , f. sw , to give in marriage, and Pass. to be given in marriage, N.T .:—so, ejkgamivskomai , Ib.


ejk-gaurovomai , Pass. to exult greatly in, c. acc ., Eur.

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