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e{khlo" , Dor. e{ka<Eth>lo" , on , = eu[khlo" , at rest, at ones ease, Lat. securus , of persons enjoying themselves, Hom. ; e{khloi sulhvsete ye will plunder them at your ease, i.e. without let or hindrance, Il.; e{k. eu{dein Soph. ; neut. as Adv. , Id.

e{khti, {EKHTI

{EKHTI , Dor. and Att. e{ka<Eth>ti , by means of, by virtue of, by the aid of, Dio;" e{khti Od., etc.

II. = e{neka , on account of, for the sake of, Trag .: also, as to, Lat. quod attinet ad , Aesch ., Eur.


ejkqambevomai , Pass. to be amazed, N.T. From e[kqambo"


e[k-qambo" , on , amazed, astounded, N.T.


ejk-qamnivzw , ( qavmno" ) to root out, extirpate, Aesch.


ejkqa±nei`n , aor. 2 inf. of ejkqnhvskw .


ejk-qarrevw , f. hvsw , strengthd. for qarrevw , to have full confidence in a person, c. dat ., Plut.


ejk-qeavomai , Dep. to see out, see to the end, Soph.


ejk-qea<Eth>trivzw , f. sw , to make a public show of, to expose to public shame, N.T.


ejk-qeiavzw , f. sw , to make a god of, deify, Luc .: to worship as a god, Plut.

II. of things, to make matter of religion, Id.


ejkqeiv" , aor. 2 part. of ejktivqhmi .


ejk-qevmenai or -qevmen , Ep. for ejkqei`nai , aor. 2 inf. of ejktivqhmi .


ejk-qera±peuvw , f. sw , strengthd. for qerapeuvw , to gain over entirely, Aeschin ., Plut.


ejk-qerivzw , f. Att. iw` , to reap or mow completely, Dem.

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