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ejk-kleivw , Ion. -klhi?w , Att. -klhv/w : f. Att. -klhv/sw :— to shut out from a place, c. gen ., Eur.

2. metaph. to exclude from a thing, Hdt. , Aeschin. :— Pass. , ejkklhi>ovmenoi th`/ w{rh/ being hindered by [want of] time, Hdt.


ejk-klevptw , f. yw , to steal and bring off secretly, to purloin, Il., Hdt. , etc. ; ejkkl. povda to steal away, Eur. : — ejkkl. mh; qanei`n Id.

II. ejkkl. tina; lovgoi" to deceive him, Soph. ; mh; ejkklevyh/" lovgon disguise not the matter, speak not falsely, Id.


ejkklhi?w , Ion. for ejkkleivw .


ejkklhsiva , hJ , ( e[kklhto" ) an assembly of the citizens regularly summoned, the legislative assembly, Thuc. , etc. :—at Athens, the ordinary Assemblies were called kuvriai , the extraordinary being suvgklhtoi , ap. Dem. ; ejkkl. sunageivrein, sunavgein, sullevgein, ajqroivzein to call an assembly, Hdt ., etc. ; ejkkl. poiei`n ‘to make a house,’ Ar. ; ejkkl. givgnetai, kaqivstatai an assembly is held, Thuc .; ejkkl. dialuvein, ajnasth`sai to dissolve it, Id., etc. ; ajnabavllein to adjourn it, Id.

II. in N.T. the Church, either the body, or the place. Hence ejkklhsiavzw


ejkklhsiavzw : f. -avsw , impf. ejkklhsivazon , aor. I ejkklhvsiasa , but also in irr. form, ejxeklhsivazon, ejxeklhsivasa : ( cf. ejgkwmiavzw ) :— to hold an assembly, debate therein, Ar ., Thuc. , etc.

2. to be a member of the Assembly, ejkkl. ajpo; timhvmato" oujqevno" Arist. Hence ejkklhsiasthv"


ejkklhsiasthv" , ou`, oJ , a member of the ejkklhsiva , Plat.


ejkklhsiastikov" , hv, ovn , of or for the ejkklhsiva , Dem. :— to; ejkklhsiastiko;n »ajrguvron1/4 the public pay received by each citizen who sat in the ejkklhsiva , Luc.


ejk-klhteuvw , f. sw , to summon into court, Aeschin.


e[kklhto" , on , ( ejkkalevw ) selected to judge or arbitrate on a point, ejkkl. povli" an umpire city, Aeschin. :— oiJ e[kklhtoi , in Sparta, a committee of citizens chosen for special business, Xen.


ejkklhv/w , f. hv/sw , old Att. for ejkkleivw .

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