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ejklovmhn , sync. for ejkelovmhn , aor. 2 of kevlomai .


ejk-loceuvw , f. sw , to bring forth, Eur ., in Med. :— Pass. to be born, Id.


e[kluØsi" , ew", hJ , ( ejkluvw ) release or deliverance from a thing, c. gen ., Aesch. , etc.

II. feebleness, faintness, Dem.


ejkluØthvrio" , on , ( ejkluvw ) of or for release: ejkluthvrion, tov , a release, Soph .: an expiatory offering, Eur.


e[kluØto" , on , ( ejkluvw ) easy to let go, light, buoyant, of missiles, Eur.

II. Adv. ejkluvtw" , remissly, Plut.


ejk-luvw , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : pf. pass. ejklevluØmai : aor. I ejxeluvqhn »uØ1/4 :— to loose, release, set free, from a thing, c. gen. , Aesch. , Soph. :— Pass. to be set free, Plat .: —Med. to get one set free, to release from, c. gen ., Od., etc.

II. to unloose, unstring a bow, Hdt. ; ejkluvswn stovma likely to let loose the tongue, Soph.
2. to put an end to, Id., Eur.
3. to relax, enfeeble: Pass. to be faint, fail, give way, Dem.
4. to pay in full, Plut.


ejk-lwbavomai , aor. I ejxelwbhvqhn , Pass. to sustain grievous injuries, Soph.


ejk-lwpivzw , f. sw , ( lw`po" ) to lay bare, Soph.


ejkma±gei`on , tov , ( ejkmavssw ) that on or in which an impression is made: also the impression made, an impress, mould, Plat .: —metaph ., ejkmagei`on pevtrh" counterfeit of rock, of a fisherman who is always on them, Anth.


ejk-maivnw , f. a±nw` , to drive mad with passion, Eur. , Theocr. ; ejkmh`naiv tina dwmavtwn to drive one raving

from the house, Eur. :— Pass. , with pf. 2 act. ejkmevmhna , to go mad with passion, be furious, Hdt.

2. c. acc. rei, ejkmh`nai povqon to kindle mad desire, Soph.


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