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delight, take ones pleasure, Od., etc. —Construction:

1. with participle, h{sato pivnwn Od.; h{sqh ajkouvsa" he was glad to have heard, Hdt. , etc.
2. c. dat ., h{desqaiv tini to delight in or at a thing, Id., etc. ; ejpiv tini Xen ., etc. ;—rarely c. gen ., pwvmato" h{sqh he enjoyed the draught, Soph.

3. c. acc. and part. , h{sqhn patevra to;n ajmo;n eujlogou`ntav se I was pleased to hear you praising him, Id.

4. part. as an Adj. glad, delighted, Ar .: also, like boulomevnw/, ajsmevnw/ , in the phrase hJdomevnw/ ejstiv moiv ti I am well pleased at the thing happening, Hdt. , Plat.


hJdomevnw" , Adv. of foreg., with joy, gladly, Xen.


hJdonhv , Dor. aJdonav or hJdonav , hJ , ( h{domai ) delight, enjoyment, pleasure, Lat. voluptas , Hdt ., etc. ; hJdonh`/ hJssa`sqai, carivzesqai to give way to pleasure, Thuc ., Plat. , etc. :—often with Prepositions in Adv. sense, pro;" or kaqÆ hJdonh;n levgein to speak so as to please another, Hdt ., Att. ; kaqÆ hJdonh;n kluvein, ajkouvein Soph ., Dem. ; kaqÆ hJdonhvn or pro;" hJd. ejstiv moi Aesch .; o} mevn ejsti pro;" hJd . that which is agreeable, Dem .; ejn hJdonh`/ ejstiv tini it is a pleasure or delight to another, Hdt. , etc.

2. a pleasure, a delight, Soph ., Ar.
3. in pl. pleasures, pleasant lusts, Xen ., N.T.


h\do" , eo", tov , ( aJndavnw ) delight, enjoyment, pleasure, daito;" h\do" pleasure from or in the feast, Hom. ; ajlla; tiv moi tw`n h\do" ; what delight have I there from? Il.


h\ dÆ o{" , for e[fh ejkei`no" , v. hjmiv .


hJdu-bovh" , Dor. -bova" , ou, oJ , sweet-sounding, Eur ., Anth.


hJduv-ga±mo" , on , sweetening marriage, Anth.


hJduv-gelw" , wn , gen. w , sweetly laughing, h. Hom. , Anth.


hJduv-glwsso" , on , ( glw`ssa ) sweet-tongued, Pind.


hJdu-gnwvmwn , on , ( gnwvmh ) of pleasant mind, Xen.


hJdu-ephv" , Dor. aJdu- , ev" , ( e[po" ) sweet-speaking, Il., etc. : sweet-sounding, Pind .: —poët. fem. hJduevpeia

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