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III. of Sight, softly, smoothly, h\ka stivlbonte" ejlaivw/ with oil soft shining, Ib.
IV. of Time, by little and little, Anth.


h|ka , aor. I of i{hmi .


h[kazon , impf. of eijkavzw :— h[/ka±sa , aor. I .


h[ka±con , Ep. aor. 2 of ajcevw II .


hjkevsato , 3 sing. aor. I of ajkevomai .


h[-kesto" , h, on , ( Ep. for a[-kesto" ) untouched by the goad, of young heifers reserved for sacrifices, Il.


hjkhkovein , old Att. -ovh , plqpf. of ajkouvw .


h[kisto" , h, on , sup. Adj. from Adv. h\ka, h[kisto" ejlaunevmen the gentlest or slowest in driving, Il.


h{kisto" , h, on , Sup. of the Comp. h{sswn , the Posit. in use being mikrov" , least: —as Adv. h{kista , least, Soph. , etc. ; oujc h{kista, ajlla; mavlista Hdt .; wJ" h{kista as little as possible, Thuc.

2. often in reply to a question, nay not so, not at all, Lat. minime , Soph ., etc. ; h{kistav ge minime vero,



h\-kou , Ion. and Dor. for h\-pou .


h[kousa , aor. I of ajkouvw :— h[kousmai , pf. pass.

h{kw, {HKW, h{kw

{HKW , impf. h|kon : f. h{xw , Dor. hJxw` :— to have come, be present, be here, Lat. adesse , properly in a pf. sense, with the impf. h|kon as plqpf. , I had come, and fut. h{xw as fut. pf. I shall have come, directly opp. to oi[comai to be gone, while e[rcomai to come or go serves aspres. to both, Hom. , etc. :— to return, Xen.

2. to have reached a point, ej" toshvndÆ u{brin Soph .; ej" tosou`ton ajmaqiva" Plat.
3. diÆ ojrgh`" h{kein to be angry, Soph. ; cf. diav a. IV.
4. like e[cw b. II , eu\ h{keintinov" to be well off for a thing, have plenty of it, as, eu\ hJk.tou` bivou Hdt .; kalw`" aujtoi`" h|kon bivou as they had come to a good age, Eur. ; w|de gevnou" hJk. tiniv to be this degree of kin to him, Id.:—also, eu\ h{kein , absol. , to be well off, flourishing, Hdt. :— c. gen. only, su; de; dunavmio"

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