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hjlivba±to" , Dor. ajlivb- , on , high, steep, precipitous, epith. of rocky crags, Hom. , Hes. , etc. ; of the throne of Zeus, Ar.

2. in Od. 9. 24 hjlivbato" pevtrh , it seems to mean enormous, huge.
II. = Lat. altus , deep, profound, Hes ., Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.)


h[liØqa , Adv. ( a{li" ) enough, sufficiently, Lat. satis , lhi;" h[liqa pollhv Il.; duvh h[liqa pollhv Od., etc.


hjliØqiavzw , to speak or act idly, foolishly, Ar. From hjlivqio"


hjlivqio" , Dor. ajlivq- , a, on , ( h[liqa ) idle, vain, random, Pind ., Aesch.

II. of persons, stupid, foolish, silly, like mavtaio" , Hdt. , Ar. , etc. Adv. -ivw" , Plat. ; neut. hjlivqion as Adv. , Ar. Hence hjliqiovth"


hjliØqiovth" , hto", hJ , folly, silliness, Plat .; and hjliqiovw


hjliØqiovw , f. wvsw , to make foolish, distract, craze, Aesch.


hJliØkiva , Ion. -ivh , Dor. aJlikiva , hJ , ( h|lix ) time of life, age, Lat. aetas , Il.;— acc. used absol. in age, nevo" hJlikivhn Hdt .; so in dat. , hJlikiva/ w]n nevo" Thuc .; povrrw th`" hJl . advanced in years, Plat.

2. mostly, the flower or prime of life from about 17 to 45, mans estate, manhood, ejn aJlikiva/ prwvta/ Pind. ; ejn hJlikiva/ ei\nai to be of age, Plat. , etc. ; so, hJlikivan e[cein, eij" hJl. ejlqei`n Id.; hJlikivan e[cein ,
c. inf ., to be of fit age for doing, Hdt. ; oiJ ejn hJlikiva/ men of serviceable age, Thuc.
3. youthful heat and passion, hJlikivh/ ejpitrevpein Hdt.
II. as collective Noun, = oiJ h{like" , those of the same age, fellows, comrades, Il., Thuc.
III. time, tau`ta hJlikivhn a]n ei[h kata; Lavi>on about the time of Laius, Hdt.
2. an age, generation, Lat. saeculum , Dem ., etc.
IV. of the body, stature, growth, as a sign of age, Hdt. , Plat.


hJliØkiwvth" , ou, oJ , an equal in age, fellow, comrade, Lat. aequalis , Hdt ., Ar. , etc. :— fem. hJlikiw`ti" , ido" , Luc. ; hJl. iJstoriva contemporary history, Plut.


hJlivko" »iØ1/4, h, on , as big as, Lat. quantus , Ar ., Dem.

2. of age, as old as, Ar ., etc.
3. in expressions of wonder, qaumavsia hJlivka extraordinarily great, as in Lat. mirum quantum , Dem. From h|lix

h|lix, |HLIX

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