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|HPAR , a±to", tov , the liver, Hom ., etc. :— uJfÆ h{pato" fevrein , of pregnant women, Eur. :—in Trag. as the seat of the passions, anger, fear, etc. , answering therefore to our ‘heart.’


h[pa±fon , aor. 2 of ajpa±fivskw .


hjpeda±nov" , hv, ovn , weakly, infirm, halting, Hom.

2. c. gen. void of a thing, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.)


hjpeivleon, hjpeivlhsa , impf. and aor. I of ajpeilevw .


hjpeiro-genhv" , ev" , ( givgnomai ) born or living in the mainland, Aesch.


h[peirovnde , to the mainland, Od.


h[peiro" , Dor. a[p- »a<Eth>1/4, hJ , terra-firma, the land, as opp. to the sea, Hom ., Hes. , etc. ; katÆ h[peiron by land, Hdt .; mhvtÆ ejn qalavtth/ mhvtÆ ejn hjmeivrw/ Ar .:—hence in Od., even an island is called h[peiro" .

II. the mainland of Western Greece, opp. to the neighbouring islands (afterwards called [Hpeiro" as n. pr. ), Od.:—then, generally, the mainland, Hdt ., Att.

III. later, a Continent: Asia was esp. called the Continent, Hdt ., etc. ; also Europe, Aesch. ; whence Soph. speaks of dissai; h[peiroi , i.e. Europe and Asia. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence hjpeirovw


hjpeirovw , to make into mainland, Anth .: —Pass. to become so, Thuc .; and hjpeirwvth"


hjpeirwvth" , ou, oJ , fem. -w`ti" , ido" , of the mainland, living there, opp. to nhsiwvth" , Hdt. : aiJ hjpeirwvtide" povlie" , opp. to those in islands, Id., etc. ; hjp. xummaciva alliance with a military power, opp. to ( autikhv , Thuc.

II. of or on the mainland of Asia, Asiatic, Eur.
III. an Epirote, Luc. Hence hjpeirwtikov"


hjpeirwtikov" , hv, ovn , continental, Xen.

II. of Epirus, Thuc.


h[-per , poët. hjev-per , ( h[ ) than at all, than even, Hom.


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