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kwlh` , hJ , ( kw`lon ) the thigh-bone with the flesh on it, the ham, esp. of a swine, Ar. , Xen. Hence kwvlhy


kwvlhy , hpo", hJ , the hollow of the knees, Lat. poples , Il.


Kwliav" ( sub. a[kra ) , avdo", hJ , Colias, a promontory of Attica, with a temple of Aphrodité there, Hdt. , Ar.

kw`lon, K `WLON, kw`lon

K `WLON , tov , a limb, esp. the leg, Trag.

2. of plants, a limb or arm, Anth.
II. a member of anything, as,
1. a member of a building, as the side or front, Hdt.
2. one limb or half of the race-course ( divaulo" ), Aesch.
3. a member or clause of a sentence, Lat. membrum , Arist.


kwvlu<Eth>ma , ato", tov , ( kwluvw ) a hindrance, impediment, Eur ., Thuc.

II. a defence against a thing, precaution, Thuc.


kwluvmh »u<Eth>1/4, hJ , = kwvluma, ejpi; kwluvmh/ for the purpose of hindering, Thuc.


kwlu<Eth>tevon , verb. Adj. of kwluvw , one must hinder, Xen.


kwlu<Eth>thv" , ou`, oJ , ( kwluvw ) a hinderer, Thuc.


kwlu<Eth>tikov" , hv, ovn , preventive, Xen. From kwluvw


kwluvw [ u<Eth>Ø ], f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I ejkwvlu<Eth>sa : pf. kekwvlu<Eth>ka :— Pass. , f. kwlu<Eth>qhvsomai and in med. form kwluvsomai : aor. I ejkwluvqhn »u<Eth>1/4 : pf. kekwvlu<Eth>mai :— to let, hinder, check, prevent:

1. c. acc. et inf. to hinder or prevent one from doing, Hdt. , Soph. , etc. ; with a negative added, k. tina; mh; qanei`n Eur ., etc. :— Pass. to be hindered, tou` u{dato" piei`n from drinking of the water, Plat. ; kwluovmesqa mh; maqei`n Eur .; rarely with part. , mh; kwluvwntai peraiouvmenoi Thuc.

2. c. gen. rei, k. tinav tino" to let or hinder one from a thing, Xen. ; so, k. tina ajpov tino" Id.
3. c. acc. rei, to hinder, prevent, impede, Eur ., Thuc. :— Pass. , mhde; dapavnh/ kekwluvsqw and let there be no hindrance by reason of expense, Thuc.

4. absol ., oJ kwluvswn one to hinder, Soph .; to; kwlu`on a hindrance, Xen.
5. often in 3 pers., oujde;n kwluvei there is nothing to hinder, c. acc. et inf. , Hdt. , Ar. :— oujde;n kwluvei ,

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