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pau`roi , i.e. there are many officials, but few inspired, Plat.


navrqhx , hko", oJ , a tall umbelliferous plant, Lat. ferula , with a hollow, pithy stalk, in which Prometheus conveyed fire from heaven to earth, Hes. The stalks furnished the Bacchanalian wands ( quvrsoi ), Eur., (cf. foreg.); they were also used for canes by schoolmasters, Xen.

II. a casket for unguents, Luc.


narkavw , f. hvsw : Ep. aor. I navrkhsa : to grow stiff or numb, Lat. torpere , Il., Plat. From navrkh

navrkh, NA vRKH

NA vRKH , hJ , numbness, deadness, Lat. torpor , Ar.

II. a flat fish, the torpedo or electric ray, Plat.

navrkisso", Navrkisso"

navrkisso" , oJ , rarely hJ , the narcissus, h. Hom., Soph., etc. (From narkavw , because of its narcotic properties.)


na`" , hJ , Dor. for nau`" .


navsqhn , Ep. for ejnavsqhn , aor. I pass. of naivw A.


nasiwvta" , a, oJ , Aeol. and Dor. for nhsiwvth" .


nasmov" , oJ , ( navw ) a flowing stream, a stream, Eur.


navssa , Ep. for e[nassa , aor. I of naivw A. 1:— navssato , 3 sing. aor. I med.


na`ssa , Dor. for nh`ssa, nh`tta .

navssw, NA vSSW

NA vSSW , Att. navttw : aor. I e[naxa : pf. pass nevnasmai and nevnagmai :— to press or squeeze close, stamp down, Od., Theocr. Hence nastov"


nastov" , hv, ovn , close-pressed: nastov" (sc. plakou`" ) , oJ , a well-kneaded cake, cheese-cake, Ar.


naua<Eth>gevw , Ion. nauhg- , f. hvsw , to suffer shipwreck, be shipwrecked, Hdt., Xen., etc.:—metaph. of chariots, to be wrecked, Dem.; and nauagiva

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