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II. Adv. -rw`" , youthfully, rawly, Luc.


neva" , Ion. acc. pl. from nau`" .


neavth »a±1/4 (sc. cordhv ) hJ , the lowest of the three strings which formed the old musical scale (the other two being hJ mevsh and hJ uJpavth ), Plat. From nevato"


nevato" , Ep. neiva±to" , h, on , a po o et. Sup. of nevo" , as mevsato" of mevso" , the last, uttermost, lowest, Hom.; uJpai; povda neivaton [Idh" at the lowest slope of Ida, Il.:—c. gen., povli" neavth Puvlou a city on the border of Pylos, Ib.

II. of Time, latest, last, Soph.; tiv" a[ra nevato" lhvxei , i.e. w{ste nevato" genevsqai , Id.; nevaton as Adv. for the last time, Eur.


nea±tov" , oJ , a ploughing up of fallow land, Xen. From neavw


neavw , f. avsw , ( nevo" ) to plough up anew, of fallow land, Lat. agros novare , Ar.:—Pass., newmevnh (sc. gh` ) land new-ploughed, Lat. novale , Hes.


nevbreio" , on , ( nebrov" ) of a fawn, Anth.


nebriØdov-peplo" , on , clad in fawnskin, Anth.


nebrivzw , f. sw , to wear a fawnskin at the feast of Bacchus, or, as trans., to robe in fawnskins, Dem. From nebriv"


nebriv" , ivdo", hJ , a fawnskin, esp. as the dress of Bacchus and the Bacchantes, Eur.

nebrov", NEBRO vS

NEBRO vS , oJ and hJ , the young of the deer, a fawn, Hom., etc.; pevdila nebrw`n fawnskin brogues, Hdt.


nebr-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) fawn-like, of Bacchus, Anth.


neve" , Ion. nom. pl. of nau`" : Ep. dat. nevessi .


nevhai , Ep. for nevh/ , 2 sing. of nevomai .

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