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and Pass., f. nemeshvsomai : Ep. 3 sing. aor. I opt. nemesshvsaito : Ep. aor. I also nemesshvqhn : ( nevmesi" ):— to feel just resentment, to be wroth at undeserved good or bad fortune (cf. nevmesi" ), properly of the gods, Il., Hes.; n. tini to be wroth with a person or at a thing, Hom.

II. Med. and Pass., properly, to be displeased with oneself: to take shame to oneself, feel shame, Hom.
2. Med. very much like the Act., c. dat. pers., Id.; c. acc. et inf. to be indignant at seeing, Od.; c. acc. rei, nemessa`tai kaka; e[rga visits evil deeds upon the doers, Ib. Hence nemeshtikov"


nemeshtikov" , hv, ovn , disposed to just indignation, Arist.


nemeshtov" , Ep. nemesshtov" , hv, ovn , causing indignation or wrath, nemesshto;n dev ken ei[h ‘twere enough to make one wroth, Il., etc.; so Soph., etc.

II. to be regarded with awe, awful, Il., Theocr.


nemesivzomai , Ep. Dep., only in pres. and impf., to be wroth with another, c. dat., Hom.; c. acc. rei, to be wroth with one for a thing, Il.; c. acc. et. inf. to be angry or amazed that. . , Ib.

II. like nemesavomai , to feel shame, c. acc. et inf., Ib. III to dread, qeou;" nemesivzeto he stood in awe of the gods, Od.


nevmesi" , ew", hJ , Ep. dat. nemevssei : ( nevmw ):—properly, distribution of what is due; hence a righteous assignment of anger, wrath at anything unjust, just resentment, Hom.: indignation at undeserved good fortune, Arist.

2. of the gods, indignation, wrath, ejk qeou` n . Hdt., Soph.
II. the object of just resentment, Hom.; ouj nevmesi" »ejstiv1/4 ‘tis no causefor wrath that. . , c. inf., Id., Soph.

III. indignation at ones own misdeed, a sense of sin, Il.
B. Nevmesi", hJ , as prop. n., voc. Nevmesi , Nemesis, the impersonation of divine wrath, Hes.: in Trag., the goodess of Retribution.


nemessavw, nemesshtov", nevmessi" , Ep. for neme" (with single " ).


nemesshqw`men , Ep. for nemeshqw`men , 1 pl. aor. I pass. subj. of nemesavw .


nemevtwr , oro", oJ , ( nevmw ) an avenger, Aesch.


nevmo" , eo", tov , ( nevmw B) a wooded pasture, glade, Lat. nemus , Il., Soph.

nevmw, NE vMW

NE vMW , f. nemw` : aor. I e[neima , Ep. nei`ma : pf. nenevmhka :—Med., f. nemou`mai , Ion. nemevomai : aor. I

ejneimavmhn :—Pass., f. nemhqhvsomai : aor. I ejnemhvqhn : pf. nenevmhmai .

A. to deal out, distribute, dispense, of meat and drink, Hom., etc.; of the gods, nevmei o[lbonÆOluvmpio"

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