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newvtato" , h, on , Sup. of nevo" , youngest, Il.

2. most recent, Arist.


newterivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( newvtero" II ) to attempt anything new, make a violent change, Thuc., Xen., etc.: n. ej" th;n ajsqevneian to change [health] into sickness, Thuc.

II. to attempt political changes, make innovations or revolutionary movements, Lat. res novas tentare , Id., etc.

2. c. acc., n. th;n politeivan to revolutionise the state, Id.:—Pass., ejnewterivzeto ta; peri; th;n ojligarcivan Id. Hence newterismov"


newterismov" , oJ , innovation, revolutionary movement, Plat., etc.; and newteristhv"


newteristhv" , ou`, oJ , an innovator, Plut.


newteropoiiva , hJ , innovation, revolution, Thuc. From newteropoiov"


newtero-poiov" , ovn , ( poievw ) innovating, revolutionary, Thuc. Arist.


newvtero" , a, on , Comp. of nevo" , younger, Il., Soph.:— oiJ newvteroi the younger sort, men of military age, Thuc.

2. too young, Od.:—c. gen., oiJ newvteroi tw`n pragmavtwn those who are too young to remember the events, Dem.

II. of events, newer, later, Pind.: metaph. later, worse, Soph.; newvtera alone, Lat. gravius quid , Hdt., Att.; mw`n ti n. ajggevllei" ; Plat.; newvtera bouleuvein or poiei`n periv tino" Hdt., Thuc.

2. of political changes, newvterovn ti , an innovation, revolutionary movement, Hdt., Xen.


nh- , negat. Prefix, being a stronger form of ajna- privat., combined with short vowels, as in nhlehv", nhvriqmo", nhvkesto", nhvnemo" , or before consonants, as in nhkerdhv", nhpenqhv", nhvpoino" .


nhv , Att. Particle of strong affirmation, like Ep. naiv ; with acc. of the Divinity invoked, nh; Diva (in familiar Att., nh; Div or nhdiv ), Ar.; also with the Art., nh; to;n Diva Id.; nh; th;nÆAqhna`n, nh; th;n [Artemin, nh; to;n Poseidw` Id.


nh`a, nh`a" , Ion. acc. sing. and pl. of nau`" .


nh-gavteo" »a±1/4, h, on , new-made, Il. (Perh. from nevo", gev-gaa .)


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