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c. inf., ejnivka mh; ejklipei`n th;n povlin it was carried not to leave the city, Hdt.; ejnivkhse loimo;n eijrh`sqai it was the general opinion that loimov" was the word, Thuc.

3. as law-term, n. th;n divkhn to win ones cause, Eur., Ar.
II. c. acc. pers. to conquer, vanquish, Hom., etc.; mh; fu`nai to;n a{panta nika`/ lovgon not to be born is best, Soph.; nivkh" nika`n tina to win victory over one, Od.

2. generally of passions, etc., to conquer, to overpower, Il.; barei`an hJdonh;n nika`tev me ye force me to grant you pleasure against my will, Soph.; c. inf., mhdÆ hJ biva se nikhsavtw misei`n let not force prevail on thee to hate, Id.

3. Pass., nika`sqaiv tino" , like hJtta`sqai , to be inferior to, give way, yield to, Id., Eur.; h]n tou`to nikhqh`/" ejmou` Ar.


nivkh , poët. 3 sing. impf. of nivkhmi .

nivkh, NI vKH

NI vKH »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , victory in battle, Il., etc.; in the games, Pind., etc.:—c. gen. subjecti, nivkh faivnetai Menelavou plainly belongs to Menelaus, Il.; but c. gen. objecti, nivkh ajntipavlwn victory over opponents, Ar.

2. generally, the upper hand, ascendancy, nivkhn diaswvzesqai to keep the fruits of victory, Xen.
II. as prop. n. NikeŒ, the goddess of victory, Hes. Hence nikhvei"


ni<Eth>khvei" , Dor. nikavei" , essa, en , victorious, Anth.


nivkhma »i<Eth>1/4, ato", tov , ( nikavw ) victory, Polyb.


nivkhmi , Aeol. for nikavw , Theocr.; poët. 3 sing. impf. nivkh , Pind., Theocr.


ni<Eth>khsevmen , Ep. fut. inf. of nikavw .


ni<Eth>khtevon , verb. Adj. of nikavw , one must conquer, Eur.


ni<Eth>khthvrio" , a, on , ( nikavw ) belonging to a conqueror or to victory; n. fivlhma a kiss as the conquerors reward, Xen.

II. as Subst., nikhthvrion (sc. a\qlon ) , tov , the prize of victory, Ar., Xen.; mostly in pl., Eur., Plat.
2. nikhthvria (sc. iJerav ) , tav , the festival of victory, Xen.


ni<Eth>khtikov" , hv, ovn , ( nikavw ) likely to conquer, conducing to victory, Xen.; to; nikhtikwvtaton the most likely way to conquer, Plut.


ni<Eth>khforevw , f. hvsw , to carry off as a prize, davkrua n . to win naught but tears, Eur.; and nikhforiva

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