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numfa±gwgevw , to lead the bride to the bridegrooms house, gavmou" n . to court a marriage, Plut. From numfagwgov"


numf-a±gwgov" , oJ , leader of the bride, Eur.


nuvmfaion , tov , ( nuvmfh ) a temple of the nymphs, Plut.


numfai`o" , a, on , ( nuvmfh ) of or sacred to the nymphs, Eur., Anth.


numfei`o" , a, on , and o", on , ( nuvmfh ) of a bride, bridal, nuptial, Pind., Eur.

II. as Subst.,
1. numfei`on (sc. dw`ma ) , tov , the bridechamber, Soph.
2. numfei`a (sc. iJerav ) , tav , nuptial rites, marriage, Id.
3. numfei`a tou` sautou` tevknou thine own sons bride, Id.


nuvmfeuma , ato", tov , ( numfeuvw ) marriage, espousal, Soph., Eur.

II. in sing. the person married, kalo;n n. tini ‘a good match for him,’ Eur.


numfeuthvrio" , a, on , nuptial, Eur. From numfeuthv"


numfeuthv" , ou`, oJ , ( numfeuvw ) one who escorts the bride to the bridegrooms house, negotiator of a marriage, Plat.

II. a bridegroom, husband, Eur. Hence numfeuvtria


numfeuvtria , hJ , a brides-maid, Ar.


numfeuvw , f. sw , ( nuvmfh ) to lead the bride, to give in marriage, betroth, Eur.

2. to marry, of the woman, Lat. nubere , Soph.; but also of the man, Lat. ducere , Eur.; of both parties, numfeuvetÆ, eu\ pravssoite Id.

II. Pass. c. fut. med. numfeuvsomai ; aor. I med. et pass. ejnumfeusavmhn, ejnumfeuvqhn :— to be given in marriage, marry, of the woman, Id.; n. e[k tino" to be wedded by him, Id.

III. in Med. of the man, to take to wife, Id.

nuvmfh, NU vMFH, nuvmfh

NU vMFH , hJ , Ep. voc. nuvmfa± : Dor. nuvmfa<Eth> :— a young wife, bride, Lat. nupta , Il., Trag.

2. any married woman, Od., Eur.
3. a marriageable maiden, Il., Hes.

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