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wjdiv" , i`no", hJ : Ep. dat. pl. wjdivnessi :—mostly in pl. the pangs or throes of labour, travail-pains, Il.; ejn movnai" wjdi`sin at a single birth, Pind .; ejn wjdivnwn ajnavgkai" Eur .; in sing. travail-pain, anguish, Pind. , Soph.

2. in sing. , also, the fruit of travail or labour, a birth, child, Aesch ., Eur. ; a[pteron wjdi`na tevkiwn , of young birds, Eur.

II. metaph. any travail, anguish, Aesch .; also in pl. , of love, pangs, Soph ., Plat.


wj/do-poiov" , ovn , ( poievw ) making songs or odes, Theocr.


wj/dov" , oJ , contr. for ajoidov" , a singer, Eur ., Plat.


wjdwvdei , poët. for ojdwvdei , 3 sing. plqpf. of o[zw .


w[eon , tov , poët. for wj/ovn , an egg, Simon.


w[zhsa , aor. I of o[zw .


wj/zurev, wj/zurav , crasis for w\ oijzurev, w\ oijzurav .


w[zw , ( w\ ) to cry oh! Aesch.


wjhv , a cry or call, ho there! Lat. heus , Aesch ., etc.


wj/hvqen , aor. I of oi[omai .

wjqevw, jWQE vW

jWQE vW : Att. impf. ejwvqoun , but 3 sing. also w[qei , Ion. w[qeske : f. wjqhvsw and w[sw : aor. I e[wsa ; Ion. and Ep. w\sa , Ep. 3 sing. w[saske : pf. e[wka :— Med. , aor. I ejwsavmhn , Ion. and Ep. wjsavmhn :— Pass. , f. wjsqhvsomai : aor. I ejwvsqhn : pf. e[wsmai , Ion. part. wjsmevno" :— to thrust, push, shove, force onwards or away, la`an a[nw w[qeske he kept pushing it upwards, Od.; ajpÆ ojfqalmw`n nevfo" w\senÆAqhvnh
Il.; ejk mhrou` dovru w\se he forced the spear from the thigh, Ib.; w\saiv tina ajfÆ i{ppwn Ib.; w\sai eJauto;n ej" to; pu`r to rush into the fire, Hdt. ; so, wjq. tina; ejpi; kefalhvn to throw him headlong down, Plat. ; kata; petrw`n Eur .; w\sai th;n quvran to force the door, Ar.

2. to push or force back in battle, Il.
3. to thrust out, banish, Trag .; w\saiv tina fugavda Plat .; wjq. tina a[qapton Soph.
4. metaph ., wjq. ta; prhvgmata to push matters on, hurry them, Hdt.
5. absol ., w\sa parevx pushed off from land, Od.; w[qei biaivw" Eur.

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