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jWCRO vS , av, ovn , pale, wan, sallow, of complexion, Eur. , Ar. ; of a frog, Batr.:— to; wjcrovn the colour yellow, Plat. Hence w\/cro"


w\/cro" , ou, oJ , paleness, wanness, esp. the pale hue of fear, w\cro" dev min ei|le pareiav" Il.; and wjcrovth"


wjcrovth" , hto", hJ , paleness, Plat.


w[/cwka , Ion. pf. of oi[comai .


w[y , hJ , ( o[yomai , fut. of oJravw ) the eye, face, countenance, Hom ., Hes. ; eij" w\pa ijdevsqai tiniv to look one in the face, Il.; and absol. , eij" w\pa ijdevsqai Od.; but, qeh`/" eij" jwpa e[oiken in face she is like the goddesses, Il.


w\/yai , 2 sing. pf. pass. of oJravw .

Liddell, H. G., and Scott, Abridged Greek-English Lexicon, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 1992.

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