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fantiv , Dor. for fasiv , 3 pl. of fhmiv .


favo , Ep. for favso , pres. med. imperat. of fhmiv .

favo", FA vOS

FA vOS , tov , gen. faveo" ( favou" ); dat. favei ; resolved Ep. nom. and acc. pl. favea »a<Eth> metri grat.]: Att. contr. fw`" , fwtov" , etc.:— light, daylight, Hom., etc.:—in Poets, of life, zwvein kai; oJra`n favo" hjelivoio

Id.; leivpein favo" hjelivoio Hes.; pevmpein tina; ej" fw`" Aesch.; pro;" fw`" ajnelqei`n Soph.

2. of day-light, ejn favei Od.; fw`" givgnetai it is becoming light, i.e. day is breaking, Plat.; e{w" e[ti fw`" ejsti while there is still light, Id.

3. the light of a torch, lamp, fire, a light, Od., Aesch.
4. the light of the eyes, Pind.; pl. favea the eyes, Lat. lumina , Od.
II. light, as a metaph. for deliverance, happiness, victory, Il.: also in addressing persons, glukero;n favo" dear light of my life, Od.; w\ fivltaton fw`" Soph.


jf-avptousa , = ejf-avptousa, e being absorbed.


favragx »a±1/4, aggo", hJ , a cleft or chasm in a mountain, a ravine, gully, Aesch., Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.)


fa±revtra , Ion. -trh , hJ , (prob. from fevrw ) a quiver for arrows, Lat. pharetra , Hom.


fa±retrewvn , w`no", oJ , = farevtra , Hdt.


fa±revtrion , tov , Dim. of farevtra , Mosch.


Farisai`o" , ou, oJ , a Pharisee, Separatist (from phaÆrash , to distinguish), one of a sect who separated themselves from other Jews as affecting superior holiness.


farma±kavw , ( favrmakon ) to suffer from the effect of poison, to be ill or distraught, Dem.


farma±keiva<Eth> , hJ , ( farmakeuvw ) the use of drugs, potions, spells, Plat.

2. poisoning, witchcraft, Lat. veneficium , Dem.
II. remedy, cure, Arist.


farma±keuv" , evw", oJ , ( favrmakon ) a poisoner, sorcerer, Soph.

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