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Fellwv , ou`", hJ , Cork-land, Luc.


fenavkh »a<Eth>1/4, hJ , ( fevnax ) false hair, a wig, Luc.


fena<Eth>kivzw , f. sw , to play the fevnax , cheat, lie, Ar., Dem.

2. trans. to cheat, trick, tinav Ar., Dem.:—Pass. to be cheated, Ar., Dem. Hence fenakismov"


fena<Eth>kismov" , cheatery, quackery, imposition, Ar., Dem.

fevnax, FE vNAX

FE vNAX , a<Eth>ko", oJ , a cheat, quack, impostor, Ar.

fevnw, FE vNW

FE vNW , only found in Ep. aor. 2 e[pefnon, pevfnon , (sync. from redupl. form pev-fenon ), subj. pevfnh/", h/ , inf. pefnevmen , part. pevfnwn (parox. as if from a pres. pevfnw ):— to slay, Hom., Soph.

II. besides this aor., from a Root FA , come pf. pass. 3 sing. and pl. pevfatai, pevfantai , inf. pefavsqai ; and 2 sing. fut. pass. pefhvseai , Hom.


fer-anqhv" , ev" , ( a[nqo" ) flower-bringing, Anth.


fevr-aspi" , ido", oJ, hJ , shield-bearing, h. Hom., Aesch.

fevrb, FE vRB

FE vRB , only in pres. and impf., with plqpf. ejpefovrbein , to feed, nourish, Pind., Eur.; c. gen. to feed oxen on a thing, h. Hom.

2. = swvzw , to preserve, Hes.
II. Pass. to be fed, feed upon a thing, Lat. pasci, vesci , parevxw dai`qÆ uJfÆ w|n ejferbovmhn I shall make food for those by whom I feed myself, Soph. 2. to eat, feed on, c. acc., Lat. depasci , Eur.
3. to enjoy, have, novon Pind.


fevre , imper. of fevrw , v. fevrw IX.


fere-aughv" , ev" , ( aujghv ) bringing light, Anth.


fer-evgguo" , on , ( ejgguvh ) giving surety: —generally, to be depended upon, trusty, sure, Aesch.:—c. inf. capable, sufficient, ouj f. eijmi parascei`n Hdt.; limh;n f. diasw`sai ta;" neva" Id.:—c. gen. rei,

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