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fevrma , ato", tov , ( fevrw ) that which is borne, the fruit of the womb (cf. bairn from bear), Aesch.


fernhv , hJ , ( fevrw ) that which is brought by the wife (cf. eJdnon ), a dowry, portion, Lat. dos , Hdt., Eur.; also in pl. of a dower, as consisting of divers presents, Eur.; but, fernai; polevmou , of a wife won in battle, Id.:—in pl., also, bridal gifts, Id.


fevroisa , Dor. for fevrousa , part. fem. of fevrw .


fevronti , Dor. for fevrousi , 3 pl. of fevrw .


Ferrefavttion , tov , a temple of PersephoneŒ, Dem.


Fersevfassa , hJ , = Persevfassa, Persefovnh , Soph., Eur.; Fersevfatta Ar.; Ferrevfatta Plat.


Fersefovnh , poët. for Persefovnh , Pind.


fevrtato" , h, on , bravest, best, Hom.:—of things, kakw`n fevrtaton the best, i.e. least bad, of two evils, Il.

2. in form fevristo" , Ib.; mostly in voc. fevriste , Ib., Aesch., Soph.
II. Comp., fevrtero", a, on , braver, better, Hom.:— polu; fevrterovn ejstin ‘tis much better, Id.;— tevttigo" fevrteron a[/dei" , as Adv., Theocr. (The posit. occurs in pro-ferhv" : perh. the Root is fevr-esqai , so that the orig. sense would be quick in action, vigorous.)


fertov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of fevrw , endurable, Eur.


fevrtron , contr. for fevretron , Il.

fevrw, FE vRW, fevrw

FE vRW , a Root only used in pres. and impf.; Ep. 2 pl. imper. fevrte , 3 sing. subj. fevrh/si , inf. ferevmen : impf. fevron , Ion. fevreskon .

II. from Root OI come f. oi[sw , Dor. oijsw` , 1 pl. oijseu`me" : Ep. imper. oi\se, oijsevtw ; inf. Ep. oijsevmen, oijsevmenai : fut. med. oi[somai (also used in pass. sense); pass. oijsqhvsomai .

III. from Root ENEK or ENEGK come aor. I h[negka , Ion. h[neika , Ep. e[neika , and aor. 2 h[negkon , in pl. always hjnevgkamen, -ate, -an : imperat., e[negke, ejnegkavtw : optat., ejnevgkaimi and -oimi : inf. ejnegkei`n , Ep. -evmen : part. ejnegkwvn , later ejnevgka" :—in Med., aor. I is almost solely

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