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Fqi`o" , a, on , v. Fqiva .


fqi<Eth>"-hvnwr , oro", oJ, hJ , ( fqivw, fqivsw ) destroying or killing men, Il., Hes.


fqi`sqai , Ep. aor. 2 pass. inf. of fqivw .


fqi<Eth>sivm-broto" , on , ( fqivw, fqivsw ) for fqisivbroto" , destroying men, Il., Od.


fqivsi" »iØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( fqivw, fqivsw ) a perishing, decay, Pind.:—of the moon, a waning, Arist.


fqi`to , Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 med. of fqivw .


fqiØtov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of fqivnw , Trag. word, only used in pl. fqitoiv (always without the Art.) the dead, Aesch., Eur.

II. liable to perish, Arist.

fqivw, FQI vW

FQI vW »i<Eth>1/4 , impf. e[fqiØon , more commonly fqivnw »iØ1/4 , impf. e[fqiØnon : for fut. and aor. I , v. inf. 1:— Med., f. fqivsomai »i<Eth>1/4 :—Pass., 3 pl. aor. pass. ejfqivqen : pf. e[fqiØmai, e[fqiØtai : plqpf. ejfqivmhn »iØ1/4 , also used as aor.2 e[fqiØso, e[fqiØto , Ep. 3 pl. ejfqivato ; imper. 3 sing. fqivsqw , Ep. subj. fqivetai (for -htai ) , fqiovmeqa (for -wvmeqa ), opt. fqivmhn, fqi`to , inf. fqi`sqai , part. fqivmeno" : there is no diff. of sense in Act. and Pass.:

I. to decay, wane, dwindle, of Time, privn ken nu;x fqi`to (aor. 2 pass. opt.) first would the night be come to an end, Od.; so, th`" nu`n fqimevnh" nuktov" Soph.; fqivnousin nuvkte" te kai; h[mata they wane or pass away, Od.; mhdev soi aijw;n fqinevtw let not thy life be wasted, Ib.:—so, in the monthly reckoning, mhnw`n fqinovntwn in the moons wane, i.e. towards the months end, Ib.:— mh;n fqivnwn the ending of the month, v. i{sthmi B. III . 3.

2. of the stars, to decline, set, Aesch.
3. of men, to waste away, pine, perish, Hom., Eur.;—of things, to fade away, disappear, Soph. :—so in Pass., aujto;" fqivetai Il.; h[dh fqivsontai Hom.:—often in part. fqivmeno" , slain, dead, Id.; fqivmenoi the dead, fqimevnoisi meteivhn Od., Trag.

II. Causal, in f. fqivsw »i<Eth>1/4 , aor. I e[fqi<Eth>sa , to make to decay or pine away, to consume, destroy, Hom.; once in Aesch. fqivsa" »iØ1/4 .


fqiwvth", -w`ti" , v. Fqiva .


fqoggavzomai , Dep. = fqevggomai , Anth.

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