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fiØlergiva , hJ , love of labour, industry, Xen., Dem.


fiØl-ergov" , ovn , ( e[rgon ) loving work, industrious, Dem.


fiØl-evri<Eth>qo" , on , fond of wool-spinning, Theocr., Anth.


fivlerw" , wto", oJ, hJ , prone to love, full of love, Anth.


fiØl-evspero" , on , fond of evening, Anth.


fiØletairiva , hJ , attachment to ones comrades, Xen.


fiØl-evtairo" , on , fond of ones comrades or partisans, true to them, Thuc., Xen., etc.:—Adv. -rw" , Aeschin.


fiØl-euvio" , on , loving the cry of eujoi` , of Bacchus, Anth.


fiØlecqhv" , ev" , gen. evo" , = fivlecqro" , Theocr.


fiØlevw , Ep. inf. filhvmenai : Ion. and Ep. 3 sing. impf. fileveske : f. filhvsw , Ep. inf. filhsevmen : aor. I ejfivlhsa : pf. pefivlhka :—Med., Ep. aor. I ejfi<Eth>lavmhn (as if from fivllw ), 3 sing. ejfivlato, fivlato , imperat. fi`lai :—Pass., f. med. filhvsomai in pass. sense (for filhqhvsomai ): aor. I ejfilhvqhn , Ep. 3 pl. ejfivlhqen : pf. pefivlhmai : ( fivlo" ):— to love, regard with affection, Lat. diligere , Hom., etc.; f. tina; filovthta to feel affection for him, Od.; to love and cherish as ones wife, Hom.:—the Ep. aor. I med. in act. sense, Il.

2. to treat affectionately or kindly, to welcome a guest, Hom.:—Pass., parÆ a[mmi filhvseai welcome shalt thou be in our house, Od.

3. to kiss, Aesch., etc.; c. dupl. acc., to; fivlama, to; to;n [Adwnin fivlasen the kiss wherewith she kissed him, Mosch.:—Med. to kiss one another, Hdt. 4. of things, to love, like, approve, Od., Soph.
II. c. inf. to love to do, be fond of doing, and so to be wont or used to do, Hdt., Trag.
2. of things, events, au[ra filevei pnevein Hdt.; filei` mevgala stratovpeda ejkplhvgnusqai great armies are apt to be seized with panic, Thuc.; pavnta ajnqrwvpoisi filevei givgnesqai everything comes to man by experience, Hdt.; and without givgnesqai, oi|a dh; filei` as is wont, Plat.; also impers. , wJ" dh; filei` as it is usual, Lat. ut solet , Plut.


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