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fiØlorni<Eth>qiva , hJ , fondness for birds, Ar. From fivlorni"


fivl-orni" , i<Eth>qo", oJ, hJ , fond of birds, Plut.

II. loved or haunted by birds, Aesch.


fiØlor-rwvqwn , wno", oJ, hJ , attached to the nose, Anth.


fiØlor-rwvx , oJ, hJ , ( rJavx ) loving grapes, Anth.


fiØl-ovrtux , uØgo", oJ, hJ , fond of quails, Plat.

fivlo", FI vLOS, fivlo"

FI vLOS , h, on, »iØ : but voc. fivle with i<Eth> in Hom.]:

I. pass. loved, beloved, dear, Lat. amicus, carus , Hom., etc.; c. dat. dear to one, Id.; voc. fivle may be used with neut. nouns, fivle tevknon Od.; a gen. was sometimes added to the voc., fivlÆ ajndrw`n Theocr.; w\ fivla gunaikw`n Eur.:—often as Subst., fivlo", oJ , a friend, Hom.:—proverb., e[stin oJ f. a[llo" aujtov" a friend is another self, Arist.; koina; ta; tw`n fivlwn Plat.:—so in fem. fivlh, hJ , a dear one, friend, Lat. amica , Hom., Att.:— fivlon, tov , an object of love, Soph.; ta; fivltata ones nearest and dearest, such as wife and children, Trag.

2. of things, dear, pleasant, welcome, Hom.:—as predic., fivlon ejstiv or givgnetaiv moi ’tis dear to me, pleases me, Lat. cordi est , Id., Hdt., etc.; eij tovdÆ aujtw`/ fivlon keklhmevnw/ if it please him to be so called, Aesch.

3. in Poets, fivlo" is used of ones own limbs, life, etc., fivlon dÆ ejxaivnuto qumovn he took away dear life, Il.; fivlon h\tor, fivla gouvnata, path;r fivlo", fivlh a[loco" Hom.; fivlhn a[gesqai to take as his own wife, Il.

II. in act. sense, like fivlio" , loving, friendly, Hom.; c. gen., fivlan xevnwn a[rouran friendly to strangers, Pind.; fivla fronevein tiniv to feel kindly, Il.; f. poiei`sqaivtini to make friends with one, Hdt.

III. Adv. fivlw", fivlw" cÆ oJrovw/te ye would fain see it, Il.; f. ejmoiv in a manner dear or pleasing to me, Aesch.; f. devcesqaiv tina Xen.

IV. fivlo" has several forms of comparison:
1. Comp. filivwn »iØ1/4, on , Od.
2. Comp. fivltero" , Sup. fivltato" , v. sub vocc.
3. Comp. filaivtero" , Sup. filaivtato" , Xen., Theocr.
4. in Att. ma`llon fivlo" Aesch., etc.; Sup. mavlista f . Xen.


fiØlov-si<Eth>to" , on , fond of corn, occupied about it, Xen.

II. fond of food, fond of eating, Plat.


fiØlov-skhptro" , on , ( skh`ptron ) sceptred, Anth.

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