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fiØluvriØno" »uØ1/4, h, on , of the lime or linden tree, light as linden wood, Ar.


fiØl-wreivth" , ou, oJ , ( o[ro" ) a lover of mountains, Anth.

fimov", FIMO vS

FI-MO vS , oJ , with heterog. pl. fi<Eth>mav, tav , a muzzle, Lat. capistrum , Luc.

II. the nose-band of a horses bridle, fitted with pipes through which the horses’ breath made a whistling sound, Aesch.

III. a kind of cup, used as a dice-box, Lat. fritillus , Aeschin.


fi<Eth>movw , f. wvsw , to muzzle, shut up as with a muzzle, f. tw`/ xuvlw/ to;n aujcevna to make fast his neck in the pillory, Ar.: metaph. to muzzle, put to silence, N.T.: Pass., aor. I imper. fimwvqhti be thou silenced, Ib. -fin , v. sub -fi .

fitrov", FITRO vS

FITRO vS , oJ , a block of wood, log, Hom.


fi`tu , tov , poët. for fivtuma , Ar.


fivtu<Eth>ma , ato", tov , ( fi<Eth>tuvw ) a shoot, scion, of a son, Aesch.


fi<Eth>tuØ-poivmhn , eno", oJ , a tender of plants, gardener, Aesch.


fi<Eth>tuvw , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I ejfivtu<Eth>sa :—poët. for fuØteuvw when the 1st syll. is to be long, to sow, plant, beget, call into being, Trag.:—Med. of the woman, to produce, bear, Hes.; Ep. 2 sing. f. fituvseai Mosch.


* flavzw , intr. form of flavw , only in aor. 2 e[fla±don , to be rent with a noise, Aesch.


flattovqrat and flattoqrattoflattovqrat , Comic words in Ar., meant to ridicule a bombastic style-’sound without sense.’


flaurivzw , f. ivsw , Att. for faulivzw , Plut. From flau`ro"


flau`ro" , a, on , collat. form of fau`lo" , petty, paltry, trivial, Solon, Pind., Hdt.

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