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2. paltry, sorry, indifferent, bad, Aesch., Soph.; flau`ron ejrgavzesqaiv tina to do one a mischief, Ar.; flau`ron eijpei`n tina to speak disparagingly of him, Id.

3. useless, Soph.
II. of persons, ouj flaurotavtou" timwrouv" not the meanest or weakest avengers, Hdt.; th`" stratih`" to; flaurovtaton the least serviceable part, Id.

2. shabby, plain, of personal appearance, Id.
3. bad, opp. to crhstov" , Eur.
III. Adv., flauvrw" e[cein to be ill, Hdt.; fl. e[cein tinov" to be ill off for a thing, Thuc.; but, flauvrw" e[cein th;n tevcnhn to know an art badly, Hdt.; fl. ajkouvein , like Lat. male audire , to be ill spoken of, Id.


flaurovth" , hto", hJ , = faulovth" , Plut.


flaur-ourgov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) working badly, ajnh;r fl . a sorry workman, Soph.

flavw, FLA vW

FLA vW , impf. 3 sing. e[fla : f. flavsw »a±1/4 : aor. I e[fla±sa :—like qlavw , to crush, pound, Pind.

2. to bruise with the teeth, eat up, eat greedily, Id.


flegevqw , poët. form of flevgw , only in pres.:

I. trans. to burn, scorch, burn up, Il.:—Pass., o[fra puri; flegeqoivato nekroiv Ib.
II. intr. to blaze, flare up, of fire, Ib.; of the sun, Soph., Eur.


flevgma , ato", tov , ( flevgw ) flame, fire, heat, Il.

II. inflammation, heat: also phlegm, a morbid humour, Lat. pituita , Hdt.:—in Poets, like colhv , gall, bile, Anth.


flegmaivnw , aor. I ejflevgma<Eth>na and -hna : ( flevgma ):— to be heated, inflamed, to fester, flegmaivnousa povli" , opp. to uJgihv" , Plat.


flegma±t-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) inflammatory, Plat.


flevgra , a", hJ , Phlegra, an ancient name for Pallené in Thrace, Hdt.; Flevgra" pedivon , in which the giants are said to have been conquered by the gods, Pind., Ar.; Flegraiva plavx Aesch.; also Flevgrai , Pind.


fleguva" , ou, oJ , ( flevgw ) fiery red, red-brown, of the eagle ( movrfno" ), Hes.

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