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fonai`" qhroktovnoi" he is absent a-killing game, Eur.


fonikov" , hv, ovn , ( fovno" ) inclined to slay, murderous, bloody, sanguinary, Thuc., Plat.

II. of murder or homicide, f. divkai trials for homicide, Arist.; f. novmoi laws respecting homicide, Dem.; ta; f . murderous acts, murder, homicide, Isocr.


fovnio" , on , and o", a, on , ( fovno" ) poët. form of fonikov" , of blood, bloody, Aesch., Eur.

II. bloody, bloodstained, blood-reeking, murderous, Trag.:—neut. pl. as Adv., fovnia derkovmeno" Ar.

2. of actions, etc., bloody, murderous, deadly, Eur. Cf. foivnio" .


fono-liØbhv" , ev" , ( livbo" ) blood-dripping, blood-reeking, Aesch.


fonov-ruØto" , on , metri grat. for fonovr-ruto" , blood-reeking, Aesch.


fovno" , oJ, ( * fevnw ) murder, homicide, slaughter, Hom., Hes., etc.; f. \Ellhnikov" a slaughter of Greeks, Hdt.: in pl., fovnoi tÆ ajndroktasivai te Od.; fovnoi, stavsei", e[ri", mavcai Soph.

2. in law, murder, homicide, fovnou diwvkein tinav to prosecute one for murder, Antipho; f. eJkouvsio" and ajkouvsio" murder and manslaughter, Dem.

3. blood shed in murder, gore, a]m fovnon, a]n nevkua" Il.; also, ejrugovmenoi fovnon ai{mato" = fovnion ai|ma , Ib.; ejmou`sa qrovmbou" fovnou vomiting clots of blood, Aesch., etc.

4. a corpse, to;n \Elevna" fovnon Eur.
II. of the agent of slaughter, fovnon e[mmenai hJrwvessi to be a death to heroes, Il.; fovno" genevsqai tiniv Od.


foxov" , hv, ovn , pointed, epith. of Thersites, foxo;" kefalhvn peaked in head, having a sugar-loaf head,
Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


forav , hJ , ( fevrw ) a carrying, Soph.; yhvfou f . thegiving ones vote, voting, Eur.

2. a bringing in of money, payment, Thuc., Xen.
3. a bringing forth, productiveness, Plat.
II. (from Pass. fevromai ) a being borne or carried along, motion, movement, hJ tw`n a[strwn forav

2. rapid motion, a rush, Lat. impetus , Dem.
III. (also from Pass.) that which is borne, a load, freight, burden, Plut.
2. that which is brought in or paid as rent or tribute, Thuc., Xen., etc.
3. that which is brought forth, fruit, produce, a crop, Arist.:—metaph., fora; prodotw`n a large crop of traitors, Dem.

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