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fuvlaxi" , ew", hJ , ( fulavssw ) a security, Eur.


fu<Eth>larcevw , f. hvsw , to be or act as fuvlarco" , Xen.; and fularciva


fu<Eth>larciva , hJ , the office of fuvlarco" , Arist. From fuvlarco"


fuvl-arco" , oJ , the chief of a fu<Eth>lhv , a phylarch, Hdt., Xen.:—used to transl. the Rom. tribunus, Plut.

II. at Athens, the commander of the cavalry furnished by each tribe, v. i{pparco" .


fulavsio" »a<Eth>1/4, oJ , a man of PhyleŒ (in Attica), Ar.


fuØlavssw , Att. -ttw, (Poot FULAK ), Ep. inf. fulassevmenai : f. fulavxw : aor. I ejfuvlaxa , Ep. fuvl- :pf. pefuvla±ca :—Med., f. -avxomai , also in pass. sense: aor. I ejfulaxavmhn :—Pass., aor. I ejfulavcqhn : pf. pefuvlagmai , imper. pefuvlaxo .

A. absol. to keep watch and ward, keep guard, Hom., Att.; su;n kusi; fulavssonte" peri; mh`la Il.
B. trans. to watch, guard, keep, defend, Hom., etc.; fulavttein tina; ajpov tino" to guard one from a person or thing, Xen.:—also f. tina; mh; pavscein to guard one against suffering, Soph.:—Pass. to be watched, kept under guard, Hdt.

2. to watch for, lie in wait or ambush for, Hom., Thuc.; f. to; suvmbolon to look out for the signal-fire, Aesch.: to watch, to wait for, observe an appointed time or a fixed event, Hdt., Thuc.; f. nuvkta to wait for night, Thuc.

3. metaph. to keep, maintain, cherish, covlon, o{rkia Il.; f. e[po" to observe a command, Ib.; novmon Soph.; f. skaiosuvnan to cling to it, foster it, Id.:—Pass., fulavttesqai parav tini to be fostered in or by. . , Id.

4. to keep or continue in a place, tovde dw`ma fulavssoi" Od.
C. Med., with pf. pass.,
I. absol. to be on ones guard, keep watch, nuvkta fulassomevnoisi Il.; pefulagmevno" ei\nai to be cautious, prudent, Ib.; so, fulassomevnou" poreuvesqai with caution, Xen.

2. c. acc. to keep a thing by one, bear it in mind, Hes., Soph.
3. to guard, keep safe, kai; kefalh;n pefuvlaxo Orac. ap. Hdt.
4. c. inf. to take care to do, Hdt.
5. c. gen., fulavssesqai tw`n new`n to take care for the ships, be chary of them, Thuc.
II. fulavssesqaiv ti or tina to beware of, be on ones guard against, shun, avoid, Hdt., Aesch.; also f. prov" ti Thuc.; ajpov tino" Xen.;—c. part., eijsorw`n fulavxomai I will take care to look on, Soph.;—c. inf., f. mh; poiei`n to take care not to do, guard against doing, Hdt.; f. to; mh; genevsqai ti

Dem.; so, f. mhv or f. o{pw" mh; . . , with subj., to take care lest a thing happen, Eur., Xen.: rarely c. gen., tw`n eu\ fuvlaxai Soph.

III. sometimes Act. has sense of Med., Eur., Plat.

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