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II. a wind, blast, wind in the stomach, in pl., Plat.
2. of fire, a stream or jet, h. Hom.
3. an air-bubble, Luc.


fusa±nte" , Aeol. for -w`nte" , part. nom. pl. of fusavw .


fuvsa" , aor. I part. of fuvw : oJ fuvsa" a father; cf. fuv" .


fu<Eth>savw , Ion. -evw : f. hvsw : ( fu`sa ):

I. absol. to blow, puff, of bellows, Il.; of the wind, deina; fusa`n to snort furiously, Eur.; mevga fusa`n , Lat. magnum spirare , to be indignant, Id.; f. to; ai|ma to breathe blood and murder, Soph.

II. trans. to puff or blow up, distend, Ar., Xen.; of bag-pipers, Ar.; f. ta;" gnavqou" to puff them out, Dem.:—Pass. to be inflated, hJ gasth;r ejpefuvshtov moi Ar.

2. metaph. to puff one up, make him vain, and so to cheat, Dem.:—Pass. to be puffed up, ejpiv tini at a thing, Xen.

3. to blow up, kindle a fire: but also
4. to blow out, extinguish, th;n lampavda Ar.
5. to blow out, spurt out, Soph.
6. to blow a wind-instrument, Eur., Ar., Theocr.


fusevw , Ion. for fusavw .


fuvshma , ato", tov , ( fu<Eth>savw ) that which is blown or produced by blowing, f. duvstlhton a hard-drawn breath, Eur.; dnofwvdh aijqevro" fushvmata , of stormy blasts, Id.; povntion f . the roaring or raging of the sea, Id.; mevlano" ai{mato" fushvmata black blood blown from the nostrils, of newly slaughtered cattle, Id.

II. a bubble, Luc.
III. a blowing, puffing, snorting, of a horse, Xen.: metaph. conceit, Plat.


fu<Eth>shthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( fusavw ) an instrument for blowing, blowpipe or tube, Hdt.


fu<Eth>siva<Eth>ma , tov , a breathing hard, blowing, Aesch. From fusiavw


fu<Eth>siavw , Ep. part. fu<Eth>siovwn , intr. to blow, puff, breathe hard, pant, Il., Aesch., Soph.


fu<Eth>siggovomai , Pass. ( fu`sigx ) to be excited by eating garlic, properly of fighting cocks: hence the Megarians (who were large growers of garlic) are said to be ojduvnai" pefusiggwmevnoi infuriated by

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