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vexations, Ar.


fu<Eth>siv-gna±qo" , oJ , Puff-cheek, name of a frog, Batr.


fuØsi-gnwvmwn , on , = fusiognwvmwn , Theocr.


fu`sigx , iggo", hJ , the stalk of garlic, or the outer coat of a clove of garlic. (Deriv. uncertain.)


fu<Eth>siv-zoo" , on , ( fuvw, zwhv ) life-producing, Hom.


fuØsikov" , hv, ovn , ( fuvsi" ) natural, native, opp. to didaktov" , Xen., Arist.

II. of or in the order of nature, natural, physical, opp. to hjqikov" , Arist.


fuØsiognwmonevw , to study features, judge a mans character by his features, Dem. From fusiognwvmwn


fuØsio-gnwvmwn , on , gen. ono" , judging of a mans character by his features, Arist.


fu<Eth>siovw , ( fu`sa ) to puff up, N.T.: (for Ep. part. fusiovwn , v. fusiavw ).


fuvsi" »uØ1/4, hJ , gen. fuvsew" , poët. fuvseo" , Ion. fuvsio" : Att. dual fuvsei or fuvsh : ( fuvw ):— the nature, natural qualities, powers, constitution, condition, of a person or thing, Od., Hdt., Att.

2. like fuhv , form, stature, h] novon h[ toi fuvsin either in mind or outward form, Pind.; to;n de; Lavi>on, fuvsin tivnÆ ei\ce, fravze Soph.; th;n ejmh;n ijdw;n fuvsin Ar.

3. of the mind, ones nature, natural bent, powers, character, Soph., etc.
4. often periphr., pevtrou fuvsin suv gÆ ojrgavneia" , i.e. wouldst provoke a stone, Id.; hJ f. aujtou` for aujtov" , Plat.

II. nature, i.e. the order or law of nature, kata; fuvsin pefukevnai to be made so by nature, naturally, Hdt., etc.;—opp. to para; fuvsin , Eur., Thuc.; so, prodovth" ejk fuvsew" a traitor by nature, Aeschin.:—so, in dat. fuvsei , by nature, naturally, Ar., etc.:— fuvsin e[cei , c. inf., it is natural that. . , Hdt., Plat.

2. origin, birth, fuvsei gegonovte" eu\ Hdt.; f. newvtero" Soph.; so, th;n fuvsin Xen.
III. nature, universe, Plat., Arist.
IV. as a concrete term, creatures, animals (cf. fuvsti" ), qnhth; f . man kind, Soph.; povntou eijnaliva f . the creatures of the sea, Id.; qhvleia f . woman- kind, Xen.; oiJ toiau`tai fuvsei" such creatures as these, Isocr.

V. a nature, kind, sort, bioth`" fuvsi" Soph.: species, Xen.
VI. sex, Soph., Thuc.

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